Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers has shared his confidence that the current Reds squad can successfully navigate the remainder of the season after transfer deadline day passed without activity at Melwood.

The Northern Irishman has pledged his faith that the players already at his disposal possess the necessary qualities to maintain his side's challenge.

Speaking to, the manager revealed the positive attitude coursing through the club and targeted a continuation of the performance witnessed when Everton were downed 4-0 on Tuesday.

No new arrivals this month, but we have seen so far this season that Liverpool have a squad to compete haven't we?

Very much so. If you look at the position that we're in with 15 games to go, we have shown consistently that we have the squad to compete. The benefit of the second half of the season is that there is still a lot of development left in a lot of our players. We have a lot of young players playing in the team who are growing and improving all the time. Them gaining experience and playing games, with the consistency of the team, adds up for a really exciting last 15 games for us.

You've said all along that January is a notoriously difficult window to add to what you've already got; in the end that proved to be the case...

I think it's difficult in order to bring certain players in that are going to help us immediately. The availability of the player, and of course the affordability, are always the two factors involved in getting a player in. It certainly hasn't been because of a lack of work by the football club. There are lots of people who have worked tirelessly to identify and find the right types of players. A lot of those players haven't been able to become available for us. Of course, as a manager, you would like to have strengthened - but I'm very optimistic with the group of players I still have available here. If we can keep those players fit, and maximise the availability for the rest of the season, we can have a great chance to have a really good finish.

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Among the players you have, there seems to be a great feeling around Melwood - is everyone still on a high after the derby?

When you win a game of such magnitude against a rival, and you play and perform like we performed, then of course that good feeling continues. I read beforehand that this was the most significant derby game for over 30 years. So to then actually win with the biggest margin for 32 years, and play with the quality and focus that we played with, performance-wise as a coach I was very pleased. I have said to the players already that they have enjoyed it and fantastic, but what we did yesterday is of no consequence - we're now looking to tomorrow and renew the motivation and look to get some positive results.

It has been a long time since Liverpool have been in this strong a position heading into the final third of the season. Is that pressure and excitement something you expect this squad to thrive on?

I do now. I think when I first came in we found that difficult. I think we found the expectancy levels of being at the top, the expectancy to play in what is a style that has become the way and the definition of the way the club has worked - I think all of that rolled into one, to find that consistency level was difficult. I think the expectancy now to win and to perform is something we enjoy, rather than not relish. At this moment in time, where we're at 18 months down the line from my first league game against West Brom, we're in a much better place in every facet of our game. We're still looking to build something here, but we've shown good signs and progress. We just need to keep that focus and concentration on our job.