Daniel Agger has given his backing to new unique charity concept that is aiming to raise money for underprivileged children around the world.

Charity Antivirus - www.CharityAntivirus.com - combines the need to protect your computer with the need to provide aid for youngsters in difficult circumstances.

100 per cent of the profits go towards children's charities - including the Daniel Agger Foundation.

The idea of entrepreneur and Danish computer security expert, Janus Nielsen, the concept is incredibly simple.

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Charity Antivirus can be downloaded for free with no cash obligation; instead, you can promote the charity via social media and enjoy a year's use of the software.

However, should you wish to donate, you can become an official ambassador for the charity - and every penny will be distributed towards helping children living in tough conditions via the Daniel Agger Foundation.

For Agger, who established his foundation in 2012, it's a project he feels strongly about.

"When you start a foundation, you always hope to help as many as possible," he said. "I knew when I started I couldn't help the whole world, but if I could just help a little bit I felt I could make a difference.

"With Charity Antivirus, I think we can help a lot more than I could have done without it.

"We can raise funds to help a lot more kids - and there are plenty out there that need help, that's the problem and so I'll do everything I can to help this.

"I'm at a point in my life where I feel I can do it. I've been lucky because I've had a great life so far, my kids have a good life and football has given me so much. Now I just want to give a little bit back."

For more information on Charity Antivirus, and to download the software, visit www.charityantivirus.com.