Tennis superstar Caroline Wozniacki paid a special visit to Liverpool on Saturday to watch her beloved Reds beat West Brom 4-1 at Anfield.

Wozniacki, who has previously held the title of world number one, arrived in L4 after flying into the country from Istanbul.

She picked a perfect game to visit as Brendan Rodgers' side, inspired by the unplayable Luis Suarez, tore the Baggies to pieces to cruise to a convincing 4-1 victory.

Afterwards, Caroline took time out to speak to LFC TV from the home dugout with the hallowed turf providing the backdrop - and she reflected on a special afternoon.

Caroline, can you tell us how you became a Liverpool fan?

It's a long story, really. But I've always supported Liverpool since I was a little girl. My family was a very big football family and my brother was a Manchester United fan, so I wanted to be different. I came here to play an exhibition game 10 years ago and I came to see Anfield and started to learn about the traditions and what happened here. I've been to watch the games and got to know the people here and I like the way they play football.

You couldn't have picked a better game to come and watch Liverpool this time around. How enjoyable was that performance for you?

It was very enjoyable. I really love coming to Anfield and I've been here quite a few times. I've never seen them lose yet. I don't want to jinx it and hopefully I can come back a lot more often.

There were some brilliant goals scored here today - which was your favourite?

I think the header for Luis Suarez's second goal would have to be my favourite today. I just thought it was perfect timing and he hit it just underneath the crossbar and I thought it was a really great finish.

What is it about coming to Anfield that you enjoy so much?

The atmosphere is amazing here at Anfield. You can't really describe it unless you're here. I just love coming back and seeing everyone and the team were great today as well. It's been a fun day.

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