Luis Gutierrez will be at Anfield this weekend to watch Liverpool take on Crystal Palace with a large group of Spanish fans from Madrid and Barcelona.

It will be his fifth visit to the city since 2009 - testament to a love affair with the Reds that started the year the club celebrated its 100th birthday.

In this week's Global LFC Family feature, we find out why Steve McManaman, Rafael Benitez and Lucas Leiva mean so much to this particular Spaniard and why he's got no interest in following Real Madrid or Barca...

Name: Luis Gutierrez
Age: 33
City/country: Leon, Spain
Job: School secretary

Why did you pick Liverpool as your team?

I think this is going to be easiest question to answer of the whole interview. Is there a better team to support? I believe not. If there is anything similar to a European night at Anfield, please let me know.

What's your earliest LFC memory?

My first memory of Liverpool itself has nothing to do with what is seen on the field. In the summer of 1992, a friend of mine travelled to London and brought me a football team scarf. She told me she was going to buy a Manchester United scarf, but the seller told her she should buy a scarf of the best team in England, so she did.

How did people in your country follow Liverpool's fortunes at first?

I remember that before I started supporting Liverpool, some Premier League matches were televised on Spanish public television so I guess Liverpool fans just had to wait for a televised match of the Reds.

Was it difficult to find out news or see the match?

I still remember when I had to read the Monday newspaper to know the result of the weekend game or the old Teletext days. Now it is much easier to follow the adventures of the Reds.

Who was your first LFC hero and why?

I've never been a players' fan but a supporter of Liverpool FC itself, but if I had to choose one I would say Steve McManaman; he was quick, young, smart and good looking...I guess.

What is your favourite LFC memory?

I'd pick two moments to be honest. The first would be the moment when Jerzy Dudek saved Shevchenko's penalty. I doubt there had ever been a happier man on earth. And the second one would be 2009 - the year in which we almost won the league. In fact, I still think we were the best team that season.

Who has been your favourite Liverpool manager and why?

It was Rafa Benitez for me and I'm not saying this because he is Spanish - or because I met him personally - but because he modernised Liverpool while at the same time respecting its traditions.

What has been your lowest point supporting Liverpool?

The years of Hicks and Gillett. And even in those circumstances positive conclusions could be drawn such as the union of the fans to help throw them out the club.

What does Anfield mean to you?

All people have a place in the world and mine is Anfield, no doubt. This weekend I will visit Anfield for the fifth time, not bad for someone who, until 2009, had never travelled to Liverpool. I hope to celebrate another victory at The Albert this year!

Where were you while we were in Istanbul?

I watched the final at home together with my family. As we all know, it was not an easy final and during the break I had to put up with some jokes and mickey-taking, but it was worth it!

Do Liverpool have a passionate fan base where you're from?

It was hard to meet people who supported Liverpool in the 90s, but things changed with the 'Rafa Revolution'.  Many fans of other Spanish teams took Liverpool as their second team and some of them as the first choice. Liverpool currently has four branches in Spain. I'm a member of MADrid REDS, and, as a branch, we travel to Liverpool at least four times a year.

Which team are considered Liverpool's biggest rivals in your country?

I must admit that most of the fans in my country consider Manchester United as the biggest rival of Liverpool, but I still check the calendar to find out when the Merseyside derbies come round. Call me romantic!

Where do you go online to follow news about LFC?

I used to read RAWK, but Twitter is becoming the main source for news. You can find a good mix of official information (even in Spanish: @LFCEspanol) and ITKs, just for fun. Also a group of friends and I manage a website about Liverpool FC in Spanish, called "Esto es Anfield". I'll take this opportunity to invite you all to visit:

Do you also support a local team?

I don't support any team in my country. When I was a child I supported Real Oviedo, mainly because Oviedo is a nearby city and I could watch first division games, but Spanish football has never interested me that much.        

Who is your favourite current player and why?

I would say that Lucas Leiva is the player who best represents the players who I admire. He's always aware of his role, helping his teammates. In short, he doesn't care about his hairstyle at all!

If you could meet anyone connected to Liverpool FC - past or present - who would it be and why?

If conversations with heaven were allowed, Bill Shankly. It would surprise me if there were any Liverpool fan who answered with another name.

What makes you most proud to be a Liverpool supporter?

I couldn't explain it in words but it has little to do with football. It's more about being part of a large family. Twitter has increased that feeling because it gives you the opportunity to talk with Liverpool fans all around the world and to realize how amazing Reds fans are, wherever they were born.

Finally, what does 'the Liverpool way' mean to you?

Remember our history but live our present and lift a trophy in May!

To follow the club's official Spanish-language Twitter account - @LFCEspanol.

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