Liverpool Football Club has smashed its new energy reduction target and saved enough gas and electricity to power over 350 homes for a year.

12 months ago, LFC's senior management team signed up to a new energy and carbon policy to reduce the club's consumption by ten per cent.

The results show that Liverpool reduced its gas consumption by 18 per cent and electricity consumption by 13 per cent during its annual reporting period.

Andrew Parkinson, operations director, Liverpool FC, said: "Our new policy that we set a year ago demonstrated our commitment to significantly reducing our energy and carbon consumption.

"We have worked extremely hard right across all our sites to embed energy-saving thinking into our everyday culture. We created a 'Reds going Green' team which was made up of employees right across the club and we are all delighted with our first year's performance.

"These results are also against a backdrop of one of the most challenging winters we've had for a long time so we are extremely proud of this achievement."

In technical terms, the club reduced its carbon usage by 1,100 tonnes and saved 718,475kWh of electricity during the year - but the club is looking to continue with its success.

"We've got to build on this momentum now," added Andrew.

"We will be setting a new energy and carbon reduction target for the next 12 months and we're also looking at setting targets for reducing our water consumption and waste management."