As the Liverpool squad prepare to step up their pre-season preparations another gear on Wednesday night, they were treated to a meeting with a Norwegian Kopite who has gone to extreme lengths to show his support for the club.

Jan Erik Anderson rode into Oslo this morning in his 16-year-old Ford Mercury before parking up at the team hotel, where the Reds squad greeted him and took turns to sign his car.

But this isn't just any ordinary automobile as, for the last four years, Jan's wheels have been decorated in Liverpool regalia.

"I started decorating the car in 2009," Jan explained. "I was talking with my son who was six-years-old at the time and I said we were going to make it a Reds car because we are big Liverpool supporters.

"He said, 'Yes, definitely! We'll do it next week!' - but it took us a year to complete.

"I've been a Liverpool fan for as long as I can remember. Ray Clemence was my first hero, but I can recall crying when we sold Kevin Keegan in 1977, but being delighted when we realised just how good his replacement, Kenny Dalglish, was turning out to be."

Four years on, Jan's car is the talk of whatever town it rolls into. It even journeyed to Liverpool in 2010.

"The reaction I get is always 99 per cent positive," he said. "Even with fans of other clubs. They say to me 'It's a fantastic just has the wrong crests on it!'"

Steven Gerrard had previously autographed the car two years ago, but Jan's long-awaited dream of presenting the car to the entire Liverpool squad finally came true when the Reds players and staff all placed their own signatures on the vehicle.

"I was shaking when they came out of the hotel," Jan confessed. "I felt like I was 14 years old again!

"It's obviously very difficult to get the car to all of the players, so I'm absolutely delighted they took the time to come and see it and autograph it. I'm so happy!"