Ahead of tomorrow’s Champions League semi-final, second leg against FC Barcelona at Anfield, Liverpool FC would like to remind supporters that flares, smoke bombs and pyrotechnics are illegal and prohibited.

Any individual who is found taking these in to the stadium is liable to arrest. The use of such devices breaches ground safety regulation and poses serious risk of injury to fellow fans including serious health risks.

Should pyrotechnic devices be ignited during the game, this could lead to sanctions being imposed on the club, as well as the activation of fire alarms and subsequent evacuation of the stadium and abandonment of the match. We would like to remind supporters of the serious consequences they will face surrounding the possession or use of pyrotechnics and any other illegal items.

We would also like to advise supporters to arrive at the stadium and take their seats early in order to support the team and help create a positive atmosphere.

Liverpool Football Club would like to thank supporters in advance who show their support in a friendly, respectful and considerate manner.