Home secretary Theresa May delivered an address to the House of Commons on Wednesday in response to the determinations of the jury at the Hillsborough inquests.

She said: “For 27 years the families and survivors of Hillsborough have fought for justice. They have faced hostility, opposition and obfuscation.

“And the authorities that should have been trusted have laid blame and tried to protect themselves instead of acting in the public interest. But the families have never faltered in their pursuit of the truth.

“Thanks to their actions, they have brought about a proper re-investigation and a thorough re-evaluation of what happened at Hillsborough. What they have done is extraordinary.

“I’m sure the whole house will want to join me in paying tribute to their courage, determination and their resolve. And we should also remember those who have sadly passed away whilst still waiting for justice.

“No-one should have to endure what the families and survivors have been through. No-one should have to suffer the loss of their loved ones through such appalling circumstances and no-one should have to fight year after year, decade after decade, in search of the truth.

“I hope that for the families and survivors who have been through such difficult times, yesterday’s determinations will bring them closer towards the peace they have been so long denied.”

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