A Liverpool fan from Australia has explained how a 'You'll Never Walk Alone' tattoo on his arm maintained his spirits during a traumatic experience that tragically took the lives of two people.

Two years ago, Kim Thomsen was fishing off the coast of Western Australia with his nephew, Sean Coffey, and friend Bryce Weppner when two huge waves threw them out of their boat.

As the vessel sank, denying the trio crucial rescue supplies, they were left stranded in freezing, shark-infested waters, with Thomsen enduring 19 hours in the sea.

Coffey attempted to swim to nearby land but his body was never found, while Weppner sadly drowned after drifting away from Thomsen with the current.

The passionate Reds supporter survived, however, after being spotted by a TV crew in a helicopter - and he has now revealed how the Liverpool symbols etched on his skin provided inspiration.

"I just had one thing to think about and that was my son," he said. "We've both got the same tattoo and every time I took a stroke I could see that.

"We've both got 'You'll Never Walk Alone'. We're both Liverpool fans. That sort of kept me going - I'm not giving up, you know, I'm just going to do everything I can to at least say goodbye before I part this world."