Chelsea fan Harry Edwards provides the view from Stamford Bridge ahead of today's crunch Barclays Premier League clash between Liverpool and the Blues at Anfield.

Harry, at the start of the season, could you ever have envisaged this game at Anfield holding such significance for both sides?

To be honest, and I think most Liverpool fans would agree with me, I couldn't have seen Liverpool being top of the league with a five-point gap over Chelsea. It's always a big game, but I didn't think Chelsea would have effectively thrown in the towel by this point, needing Liverpool to drop six points out of nine to even have a chance.

What's been your assessment of Liverpool this season?  

I thought they were pretty much out of it after their wobble around Christmas and that they'd come back stronger, but again, I really didn't think that would be this season. But credit to them, and for all the praise that Luis Suarez and Steven Gerrard are getting, no-one deserves higher praise than Brendan Rodgers. The football has been brilliant at times, but to come back from where they were - when they looked completely out of it, that takes something seriously special, not just in terms of talent, but spirit.

The question on everyone's lips seems to be - How will Jose Mourinho play it? Can you shed any light?

For all the media talk about Mourinho playing a 'weakened' team, I have never, and won't be holding my breath on this one, seen a Mourinho team play as if they are 'weakened'. It really isn't something he does, and it's one of his greatest qualities, that his teams, generally, will always give as much as they possibly can. Saying that, the game on Wednesday has to take precedence and a few people might be rested. But you can be fairly sure those who are picked will be giving everything.

With that in mind, is it possible to pick out a couple of players who Liverpool should look to nullify the threat of on Sunday?

To be perfectly honest, I really don't know who will be playing. I think Andre Schurrle will probably start, and he has been sensational at point this season, but on other occasions he's been pretty flat. If Chelsea can get the ball to him in space on the counter today he could be a real threat. 

You were one of the first in this feature earlier in the season to pick out Jon Flanagan as a talent for Liverpool. How impressed have you been with him since December?

Flanagan has epitomised Liverpool's progress for me. I saw a lot of potential in the guy under Kenny Dalglish and was still impressed with him earlier this season, but I will happily admit that I hadn't envisaged him coming on the way he has. He and the rest of the team have just looked fearless.

Where does a trip to Anfield rank on your list of away grounds?

I've been to Anfield a few times and have always really enjoyed it. Without sounding like a deliberate wind-up, I have to admit though that Goodison Park has always been my favourite, there's just something hypnotising about that three tiered stand that looks as if it's about to fall over at any moment, especially when they score.

How much of an effect can you see the home crowd having on the game?

I think it'll be a pretty special occasion, and while I don't really think Chelsea are a team that get fazed, as they showed on Tuesday night, it will undoubtedly give Liverpool something extra to begin with. As with the Manchester City game though, that positivity can quickly translate into a wave of anxiety if things aren't going to plan.


Had Chelsea had a full team playing without injuries and other commitments on their mind, and with Terry playing, I would have happily said a Chelsea win in a similar mould to the win against Man City earlier this season, but with the situation we're in, I think a 1-1 draw.