TV psychic Derek Acorah claims he predicted several years ago that Kenny Dalglish would return to the dugout to bring the glory days back to Anfield.

The Reds fan - and former Liverpool Reserves player - made the claim on talkSPORT.

He said: "His lovely wife came for a private reading at my office with another footballer's wife.

"In the last part of the reading before the lady stood up I said, 'You know what I'm getting here? It's that your husband, Kenny Dalglish, will be coming back to Liverpool to rescue them and he will restore it all.'

"They were my last words to the lady and she's got that on tape."

Acorah played a handful of games for our second string under Bill Shankly, who was dismissive of the young apprentice's psychic powers.

"You have to leave it at home - that's what Shanks told me," Acorah told during an interview several years ago.

The topic had arisen after a players' lunch at which Acorah warned the late Emlyn Hughes to be careful when he picked up his new car the next day.

Hughes called him a 'weirdo' and that was that until the charismatic defender turned up late for training the following day.

"When he eventually got there it didn't take a minute to get round that he'd smashed the car up and it was a write off," Acorah added.

"Shanks got me into the office and said, 'Son, where did you get all this from? You leave that at home, you just bring your boots here and play football.'"