STH and Members Registration Process



What is the Ballot Registration Process? 

The Ballot Registration process is an opportunity for eligible **official members and season ticket holders that have not already enrolled, to register for a ballot to enrol into each Auto Cup Scheme. 

** Supporters must have purchased an official membership for season 2022/23 before registering. 

How do I know if I’m eligible to register for the ballot?

Eligibility for Auto Cup Scheme enrolment for season 2022/23 will again be based on home cup games recorded during season 2019/20 - as announced at the start of season 2021/22, match credits for tickets purchased during the 2021/22 season would not be used in future seasons.  

When can I register for the ballot?

Eligible supporters can register for the ballot online from 10am Monday July 4 until 7.30am Friday July 15.


Season ticket holders and official members who recorded at least one of the following Champions League Home games: 

  • FC Salzburg (02.10.2019)
  • KRC Genk (05.11.2019)
  • SSC Napoli (27.11.2019)
  • Atletico Madrid (11.03.2019)

FA Cup

Season ticket holders and official members who recorded at least one of the following FA Cup Home games: 

  • Everton (05.01.2020)
  • Shrewsbury Town (04.02.2020)

League Cup

Season ticket holders and official members who recorded the following League Cup Home game:

  • Arsenal (30.10.19)



Ballot results were communicated after 3pm Friday August 5 with the enrolment period being available from 10am Monday August 8 until 7.30am Thursday August 11.

There were two potential outcomes:


Supporters successful in the ballot were emailed with full details of when and how to enrol into the Auto Cup Scheme(s).


Any supporters who were unsuccessful in the ballot were given a waiting list number.

The number of seats made available to supporters on the waiting list depends on the number of seats remaining following the Auto Cup Scheme enrolment period for those supporters successful in the ballot.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, supporters who have become successful in the ballot will now be emailed after 3pm on Monday August 15 in numerical order. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

However, we can advise that following the enrolment period to supporters who were successful in the ballot, 590 seats remain for the European Auto Cup Scheme and supporters with waiting list positions 1 – 326 will be eligible to enrol.

There are a number of group applications within the waiting list, which has been factored into the number of supporters we will be communicating to.

Click here for enrolment dates including additional enrolment dates for the FA Cup and League Cup Auto Cup Schemes.

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