Andy Robertson surprised three Liverpool fans this week when he decided to check in on them by giving them a call.

Eighty-year-old John Dowber was on the Scotland captain’s call list. A regular at Melwood, John has driven from North Wales to Liverpool every week for the best part of three decades to look after poorly fans who’ve made a visit to the training ground.

Robertson then checked in with Brian Morely; the 66-year-old is a frequent participant in the LFC Foundation’s Walking Football programme and has been phoning around his teammates during the coronavirus outbreak to check on their wellbeing.

Stephen Hunt was also the recipient of a video call from our left-back. Stephen has been taking part in various club programmes for the last decade, regularly volunteering to help others. He is currently in full isolation with his mum.

See how Robertson’s chats with the three Reds went in the YouTube video below.