Liverpool Football Club can confirm that the selection process for the new fan forums is now complete with the first meeting scheduled to take place later this week.

Almost 600 people applied for a place on the five forums which will allow the club to engage with supporters on issues relating to ticket pricing structure, ticket availability, local supporters, equality and diversity and the stadium. As a result, 52 supporters have been selected to participate as the club endeavours to improve engagement with fans.

Each of the fan forums will be made up of between nine and 12 supporters, with one seat being reserved for the Liverpool Supporters’ Trust (Spirit of Shankly) and one seat for a member of the outgoing Supporters’ Committee. The remaining seats were selected by an independent organisation (the Electoral Commission) from a database of fans who registered an interest in getting involved in one of the fan forums.

The first forum will focus on ticket availability and will take place on Saturday November 18. Details regarding the dates of the other forums will follow subsequently.

“The process has taken a little longer than planned but the priority was to ensure that it was as robust as possible in order to facilitate meaningful fan engagement,” Tony Barrett, head of club and supporter liaison, said.

“As part of that objective, we used an independent organisation, the Electoral Reform Society, to provide random selection but within a framework designed to ensure that a range of supporter experiences were covered. Rather than purely select the first supporters out of the hat we created a set of criteria based around ticket/membership status, match attendance, location, age, gender, disability relevant to each forum.

“Fans applied through online forms with all application data being sent securely to the Electoral Reform Society who carried out an independent randomisation and returned the list securely to the club. Fans were then selected to meet each criteria in order of the randomised list with Details provided by supporters being cross checked with the club database to ensure validity.

“We would like to thank all fans who applied to participate in the forums as whether their application was successful or not they have contributed to a process which will lead to an open dialogue between the club and supporters on a range of issues. We are now looking forward to the forums getting under way later this month.”

The make-up of each of the five fan forums is as follows:

Ticket Pricing Structure

Jay McKenna
Graham Smith
Colin (Paul) Jones
Jack Wycherley
Robert Bedson
Joe Blott
Thomas McGregor
Steven Davies
Harinder Singh
Jacob Jones
Adam Hargreaves
Sarah Dowling

Ticket Availability

Keith Culvin
Lee Foley
Matt Selby
Tony Fitzgerald
Melissa Fallon
Andrew Morris
Nigel Taylor
Rachel Bezer
William Hinton
Anna Burgess


Goronwy Brookes
Ben Morbey
Kevin Smith
Daniel King
Stephen Traynor
Geoff Jones
Thomas Sharp
Frank Chart
Colette Armitage
Jayne Page

Local Supporters

Roy Bentham
Gary Evans
Sonny Rattle
Jonathon Murphy
Peter Carney
Tom Green
Dhanesh Sanichara
Gareth Roberts
Stephen Martin
Andrew Hudson
Ian Byrne

Equality and Diversity

Phil Rowan
Mahesh Hathi
Christian Overduin
Riaz Ravat
Lee MacDonald
Steve Evans
Katie Price
Paul Amann
Yunus Lunat