To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Liverpool winning for the European Cup for the first time, we recently sat down with two heroes of the squad to get their recollections of an unforgettable night.

Record appearance holder Ian Callaghan and Saint-Etienne match-winner David Fairclough met up at the Hilton Hotel in Liverpool city centre to reminisce about an occasion they will never forget - which you can watch in our free video above.

Fairclough looks back on his dramatic Kop-end goal against the French outfit that sent Bob Paisley’s charges into the semi-finals of the European Cup, and explains why it is a moment he will never get tired of speaking about to supporters.

In a fascinating chat, Callaghan and Fairclough pick out their best memories from the campaign, tell us what the achievement still means to them to this day, and how they set about beating an outstanding side in Borussia Monchengladbach.

The former says: "It seems like it was yesterday to me and it’s incredible to think that was 40 years ago when we brought the European Cup home to Merseyside.

"The one regret I have is that Bill Shankly didn’t win the European Cup for Liverpool and we had that fantastic chance in 1965 with the Inter Milan game, but to then do it with the 1977 team was special.

"We made history for the club by winning our first European Cup and it was so special so that is one of the highlights of our careers, without a doubt.

"At that time I was coming to the end of my career really and I didn’t know I was going to play in Rome, because I was a substitute in the FA Cup final and only got on for the last 20 minutes of the game.

"I didn’t have an idea that I would play in the final and it was only when I was training on the Monday that Bob came over to me and he said ‘Do you want to play in Rome?’ I said of course I did and he told me I was in the team."

Fairclough adds: "The team that Bob put together was very much on the up. We had won the UEFA Cup the year before and the team in 1977 was primed to put in a real challenge.

"There were so many Liverpudlians that made their way to Rome. We probably went in slightly a more comfortable way than the others, but they made it to Rome in every way that they could. The Liverpool fans are amazing."

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