Philippe Coutinho is known as 'the little magician' on the pitch but the Liverpool No.10 could not explain the skills he witnessed when meeting a real-life trickster for a brand new LFCTV show.

The Brazilian and teammate Lucas Leiva were dazzled by ‘mind wizard’ Dave Alnwick and his brand of psychological illusion, after simply being asked to each draw a picture without letting the other see it.

Could the magician possibly make the two Reds produce the same thing somehow? Click play on the free video above to find out.

And the pair are not the only players to have been left in awe and appreciation for Alnwick’s talents either, with the likes of Joe Allen, Cameron Brannagan, Adam Lallana, Connor Randall, Brad Smith and a host of Liverpool Ladies stars featuring in a one-hour special that sees the worlds of football and magic collide.

“I’ve never really followed football,” says Dave. “So working on this project with people across Liverpool FC has been a real eye-opener.

“It’s been awesome meeting the Liverpool team – they’re a great bunch of lads and a lot of them really like magic. Some of them actually showed me a few tricks!”

So do not miss ‘Dave Alnwick: Trickster’, which premieres this Friday – April Fools Day – at 7.30pm BST on LFCTV and from the same time on demand on LFCTV GO. Click here to sign up for either service.