Liverpool Football Club would like to make the following important announcement for supporters intending to travel to Rubin Kazan for the Europa League tie on Thursday November 5.

The club has been provided with information relating to entry to Russia which it wishes to make available to its supporters. Some of the legislation relating to entry into Russia changed in late 2014.

Please note that the club is providing the following guidance for information purposes only and supporters intending to travel to Russia are entirely responsible for their own travel, and arrangements for entry into Russia, including visa application and any associated requirements, including biometics/fingerprinting.

ALL supporters travelling to Russia will require a visa in order to enter the country.

Different arrangements for obtaining visas apply, depending on your nationality and country of residence. Where specific arrangements apply, the club has outlined the provisions below for guidance purposes only.

The club has been advised that specific arrangements apply to all UK nationals and Danish nationals living in the UK, and that the recording of fingerprints is also now a requirement for obtaining an entry visa for these individuals.

This is not a requirement for supporters of other nationalities living in the UK, or living and travelling from a different country.

In any event, supporters are advised of the following:

All non-UK nationals and Danish nationals NOT living in the UK, please visit for further advice.

All UK and Danish nationals living in the UK, visas can be obtained (in person) from the Russian visa application centres in London and Edinburgh.


We are pleased to confirm that Liverpool Football Club have arranged for two Russian embassy personnel to be available at Anfield, in the Boot Room Sports Cafe on Thursday October 1, between 2pm and 5pm.

If you attend, the biometrics (fingerprints) process will be completed, saving you having to travel to the Russian embassy in person to London or Edinburgh.

The club does not accept any responsibility or liability for delays, if they occur, in processing visa applications as a consequence of using this service.

Biometrics (fingerprinting) process – October 1, 2015

Please see below for the step-by-step guide.

Before travelling to Anfield for the fingerprinting process:

Supporters will need to obtain a ‘tourist voucher' and a 'tourist confirmation' document stamped and signed by authorised personnel. These can be obtained through your hotel or an approved travel agent who deals with trips to Russia, and should be valid for the entire duration of your trip. The stamp and all details should be clearly readable.

Once supporters are in receipt of the ‘tourist voucher’ and ‘tourist confirmation’ documents, you will then have to complete an online application.

Please visit to complete the application form for a 'tourist' visa and print out a copy once completed.

It is essential that you select 'London', under the section 'visa application centre intended to use'. Do not choose Edinburgh, otherwise your application will be rejected.

As you progress through the online application, we advise you to save every page once completed. Please ensure that the application is fully completed and correct before finalising, otherwise the application will be rejected on the day and result in you having to go in person to the embassy in London.

What you need to bring to Anfield on the day

Your passport, which must have at least six months validity (from date of departure from Russia) and two blank pages. Your passport will be kept by the embassy for five working days in order to process the application.

1 x passport size photo (this must have been taken in the last six months).

Your printed 'tourist' visa application form.

'Tourist voucher' and a 'tourist confirmation' document.

A copy of your flight confirmation.

Cash or credit card for payment of visa service, taken by embassy officials on the day.

An A5 size envelope with the address of where you want the passport sending once the visa has been issued by the embassy in London.

The costs for the application process are outlined below.

For a single-entry visa for a British passport holder:

Five-day business visa service - £50

Administration fee - £38.40

Postage charge for each passport if you would like your passport returned to you by a secure mail service (UK mainland only) - £9.80

Total - £98.20 per person

For a list of FAQs, click here.

As Liverpool Football Club is awaiting details on the ticket allocation for this game, the required sales criteria for the purchase of tickets will be published on Monday September 28.

Please note that Liverpool Football Club will not be offering any 'official' supporter travel packages for this game.