As Liverpool FC Women prepare to face Durham in their final FA Women's Championship fixture of 2020 on Sunday, we continue our Spotlight series by speaking to forward Amalie Thestrup.

Each member of Vicky Jepson's team is telling us about their footballing background, inspirations, what it's like to represent the Reds and more.

Next up is Danish international Thestrup...

What year did you sign for Liverpool FC Women?

I signed in the summer of 2020.

What made you choose to be a footballer?

From my very first football training I absolutely loved the game and from then on I really didn’t dream of anything else than becoming a footballer.

Who is your footballing idol?

Growing up it was Ronaldinho for sure!

What is the best football match you’ve watched to date?

Definitely the second leg of the Liverpool v Barcelona Champions League semi-final in 2019 where the Reds made a historic comeback winning 4-0 at home after a 3-0 defeat in Barcelona.

Best LFC Women’s goal of the season so far?

Rins’ [Rinsola Babajide] solo goal against Sheffield!

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What’s the best thing about representing LFC?

Apart from the honor of representing such an iconic and great club in itself, the best part is being part of such a football passionate community that the LFC family is.

Describe yourself in three words?

Positive, talkative and hard-working

Favourite TV show?

Modern Family.

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Favourite all-time film?

The Shawshank Redemption.

Favourite music artist?

According to my Spotify it is The Weeknd.

Favourite song?

It changes a lot but Dancing in the Moonlight by Toploader never gets old!

If you weren't a footballer you wanted to be?

Working with marketing/communication for a company that has something to do with sports.

Funniest player in the squad?

Furney [Rachel Furness] is a serious contender - she can make anyone and everyone laugh.

Best singer in the squad?

Bo [Missy Bo Kearns] never ceases to impress me when she sings (raps) Cardi B.