Nobody will ever beat Bob Paisley's record of winning three European Cups with the same team, according to Terry McDermott.

As we celebrate the milestone when Paisley took over as Liverpool manager, 40 years ago today on July 26, 1974, the Kop hero was quick to pay tribute to a man he holds in the highest esteem.

Paisley was the man who made McDermott's childhood dream come true when he signed the perm headed Kirkby lad for the Reds, and this coming November will mark the 40th anniversary of that special day when he put pen to paper on a deal at Anfield.

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McDermott, who was amongst the scorers when Liverpool won their first ever European Cup on a magical Rome night in 1977, insists Paisley's achievements will never be forgotten.

"He left a legacy that with what he won I don't think will ever be achieved again," McDermott told "What he achieved at Liverpool was incredible.

"Shanks started the ball rolling with the style of football and the trophies and when Bob took over I don't think no-one expected anything from him because quite simply he didn't want the job. But he took it, we are very glad he did, and he soon grew into it and to win the trophies he did was unbelievable.

"He won three European Cups with Liverpool and I don't think that will ever be surpassed with someone doing that with just one team."

Recalling his first ever meeting with the man who signed him for the Reds, McDermott admits transfers were done very differently then compared to modern football.

He added: "I first met Bob when I signed my contract. I went down by myself from Newcastle because there was no such thing as agents back then.

"I went back to Kirkby to pick up my mum and dad and we were then met at Anfield by Bob, chairman John Smith and chief executive Peter Robinson.

"Bob had his slippers on and I can remember thinking 'who is this fella!' But I quickly got to know him, he was a nice fella and his record speaks for itself.

"It's funny when you look back and think what if he hadn't taken the job because if he hadn't I wouldn't have played for Liverpool!

"Bob deserves all the accolades he gets. I know Shanks gets all the praise for starting it all off and rightly so because of what he did, but Bob's achievements at Liverpool speaks for itself.

"Bob was very good at spotting players. He had a great eye for a talent - Kenny Dalglish for example!"

Asked to sum up what Paisley means to him, McDermott added: "He was different than any other manager I played for. He never got flustered. He got me the wonderful career I had at Liverpool for eight years and I will never forget that.

"If it wasn't for Bob being a manager I might not have played for the team I love and I will always thank him for that."