Liverpool FC has announced that it will now be rolling out its Fan Update scheme to season ticket holders in preparation for the start of the 2020-2021 season.

Following the success of phase one, with official Members who attended 13 or more games last season being the first to complete the process, season ticket holders will now have the opportunity to confirm or amend their registered details via the Fan Update platform before Friday August 14, 2020. 

Fan Update was launched in 2019 as part of the club’s ongoing commitment to make Anfield more secure for fans by knowing who is in the stadium. It also comes as part of the club’s dedicated strategy to make the process of buying tickets as fair as possible.

It is designed to ensure that just one season ticket is registered per supporter, and will give fans who have been regularly using a season ticket that may not be in their name the chance to register that ticket for themselves with the written permission of its owner – often the season ticket is in the name of a family member or friend.

Through the Fan Update scheme, there will be a process to help supporters who currently have more than one season ticket to clarify who uses the tickets going forward.

From today, the process can be completed via a specially designed online system, which will take fans through the verification in a step-by-step process. Or alternatively, an enquiry form can be filled in for those who need to make significant amends to their registered details, and they will then be contacted by a member of the Ticketing Services team to take them through the next stage. 

Season ticket holders will be contacted directly by email and given guidance on how to complete the identification process shortly. Disabled season ticket holders will also need to complete this identification process and will be contacted at a later date to verify their registrations with the club. All other hospitality members and other official Members will be contacted in the future to complete a similar process.

Phil Dutton, vice president, ticketing and hospitality, Liverpool FC, said: “The Fan Update process has been developed to do a number of things, but we have to make the process of buying tickets as fair as possible. 

“Of course, we understand that this is a difficult and uncertain time for our supporters, with the effects of the coronavirus outbreak being felt around the world, and we continue to offer our thoughts and support to all our fans.

“As a club, we are still working hard to enable fairer ticket distribution and availability. After the successful roll-out of the scheme to official Members, we are now expanding Fan Update to include season ticket holders to ultimately make Anfield more accessible to our supporters, while keeping them safe during the ongoing changes we are seeing to how matches at stadiums will be played.

“As always, we’d like to thank all supporters for their participation and encourage all season ticket holders to complete Fan Update as quickly as possible.” 

For more information or enquiries, fans can contact our dedicated support team by calling 0151 264 2500 or visiting our Help Centre page to find out how to email us and other methods of getting in touch -

Before completing the Fan Update process, all fans are required to reset their password by clicking here. Fans can then complete the Fan Update process by clicking here.