Fan Forums

Liverpool FC is giving supporters a new way of having their voices heard on the issues that matter to them most.

Five new fan forums are being created to focus specifically on the key issues that fans have said are most important. These are:

  • Ticket Availability Fan Forum
  • Ticket Prices Fan Forum
  • Stadium Fan Forum
  • Local Supporter Engagement Fan Forum
  • Equality & Diversity Fan Forum

As announced earlier in the year the Forums will be managed by the Club’s new Head of Club and Supporter Liaison Tony Barrett.

For each of these forums, the club is looking for a range of supporters with knowledge and experience of these issues and who are also able to commit to taking part in the forum throughout the season either in person or via video call.

Each of the fan forums will be made up of between eight and 12 supporters, including one seat for Spirit of Shankly, the Liverpool Supporters’ Trust as well as members of the former LFC Supporters’ Committee bringing their knowledge and experience to the new forums.

To help ensure we have the right balance of experience and knowledge on each forum, whilst the selection process is at random, those fans who apply will be selected by an independent organisation based on a specific criteria for each forum. For example to ensure we have the right balance of Season Ticket Holders, Official LFC Members, and other match-going supporters on forums.

We do ask that supporters selected make every effort to attend in person whenever possible, and it is important that participating supporters are able to commit to take part in all forums throughout the season as they will not be able to send a replacement.

You can apply for each forum that you are interested in joining but supporters will only be able to sit on one forum if selected.

Keen to take part and make your views known? You can apply by filling in the online forms using the links below: