FC Salzburg Away - Ticket Collection Process Q&As

Why has the decision been made to randomly select a small number of supporters to collect their tickets?  

The process is part of Club’s ongoing commitment to improve the way match tickets are sold and allocated

Will this be for every game?

Yes, as long as the host city and collection venue can provide a safe environment to do so.

I’m eligible to purchase a ticket under my Season Ticket or Member number, can someone else use my ticket?

Yes, but the details for the person attending must be provided on the online form at the time of booking.

How do I advise the Club who is attending the game?

This can only be done during the booking - the details of each supporter attending must be provided on the online form.

Tickets will not be issued at the collection point to anyone other than the supporter named on the online form.

It is important that when completing the online form that all details are entered correctly, including the email address and mobile phone number, as this is how full collection details will be communicated.

Changes cannot be made once the booking is complete.

I will be purchasing more than one ticket when I make my booking, can I collect all of the tickets from the collection point?

No, tickets must be collected by each individual supporter whose details have been entered on the online form even if they are part of a larger booking.

For the avoidance of doubt, supporters can collect one ticket only and the details corresponding to the online form must match the identification provided.  Tickets will not be released if all of the details don’t match up.

There is more than one ticket within my booking, do we all have to turn up together to collect?

No, it’s not necessary for you to arrive together but each supporter collecting will be required to provide the relevant ID.

When will the selection process take place?

Once the main sales have ended, a random selection process will take place.

When will I be notified if I have been selected to collect my ticket?

We will contact those supporters who have been selected on Thursday 14 November.

Which supporter will be notified of the collection point details?

Each supporter named on the online form as attending the game will be sent an email and SMS.

When will the supporter attending the game be notified of the collection point details?

Tickets must be collected at a location in Salzburg. An email and SMS will be sent on Friday 6 December with full details. 

What does the supporter attending the game need to bring to collect their ticket?

  • A copy of the email sent on Friday 6 December (hard copy or on your mobile phone)
  • AND photographic identification, e.g.Valid Photocard Driver's Licence/Valid Passport/National Identity Card or CitizenCard

Please note in the event of any queries or discrepancies you may be asked to provide us with proof of address.  Tickets will only be issued at the discretion of the Manager.

What happens if the supporter attending the game doesn’t receive the collection information email or SMS?

If neither are received, please contact Fan Services 0151 264 2500.

What happens if I don’t collect my ticket in the host City?  

The purchase will be cancelled from the record with no refund given.