We continue our weekly series on Liverpoolfc.com as we get to know the Liverpool FC Women's squad.

Each member of Vicky Jepson's team will tell us their footballing background, their inspirations, what it's like to represent the club and more.

Next up is a relatively recent addition to the team, all-action midfielder Rachel Furness...

What year did you sign for Liverpool FC Women?


What made you choose to be a footballer?

I had two older brothers and my dad was football-mad. I just wanted to do what my brothers did, so I was the annoying little sister that wanted to join in. From then I didn’t look back.

Who is your footballing idol?

I am a massive Newcastle fan, so growing up I just wanted to be like Alan Shearer.

What is the best football match you’ve watched to date?

It has to be December 26, 2012 – Newcastle v Manchester United. Newcastle won 3-0 on the night in front of over 52,000 and it was fantastic. I remember Demba Ba, Cabaye and an amazing own goal. The atmosphere was excellent that night and it was good to get one over on old rivals. More recently I would have to say Liverpool v Barcelona in the Champions League. I think it’s the best ever comeback I’ve seen and will see in a very long time. I’ve always enjoyed watching Liverpool and the way they play, so I remember being a Liverpool fan that night.

Best LFC Women’s goal of the season so far?

This is a tough one because I’m not normally big headed but people were raving about my goal against Arsenal! That was a good one. Having only joined halfway through the season, it’s hard to tell. So I’ll say Rinsola’s against Arsenal. The kid deserved a goal and has been working so hard. So to see it eventually come was nice to see. It meant a lot to her and the team, so I’ll be nice and go for that one.

What’s the best thing about representing LFC?

For me, the fans are always the most important thing about representing a team. The passion, the support through good and bad. Turning up on a cold and wet midweek game and hearing songs being sang from the stands, this is why I play football. The people in Liverpool remind me of home. From the coaching staff to the players showing belief in each other, I’d run through brick walls for them all.

Describe yourself in three words?

Funny, nutter, foodie.

Favourite TV show?

I’d have to say Friends – any time, any day, it’s such an easy watch.

Favourite all-time film?

Pretty Woman.

Favourite music artist?

Ed Sheeran.

Favourite song?

Bob Marley – Three Little Birds. It’s uplifting and puts me in a good mood.

If you weren’t a footballer you wanted to be…

A police officer if I wasn’t involved in sport at all. I’d now say a coach or manager when I finish playing.

Funniest player in the squad?

Fran [Kitching] is funny and Kirsty [Linnett] is funny because of just being Kirst. People who know will understand.

Best singer in the squad?

I haven’t witnessed it just yet but I’ve heard Jess Clarke can belt out a good note.