In January, LFC invited fans to apply to sit on a new supporter consultation Committee. A 7-person panel was set up to review all 3,705 applications and we're delighted to unveil the first 6 candidates nominated to make up the inaugural Committee.

The Liverpool FC Supporters' Committee will consist of 18 fans who will represent all of the major stakeholder groups amongst our supporter base in meetings with senior Club officials.

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Below are the names of the first six candidates who were nominated and the 100% unedited application letters on which they were judged by the panel. Stay tuned to this website for the unveiling of the other 12 successful candidates today.

Representing Supporters in Anfield / Breckfield: James Benson
Born: 1981
Lives: Anfield, Liverpool

Why I wanted to represent this group: As a resident of the Anfield area I would feel privileged and honoured to have a say on what is happening at the club that I love and the area in which I live. I have been a Liverpool FC supported all my life, but you could argue it was even earlier than that, my family are all Liverpool fans and I had no choice who I supported, it was a birthright that was thrust upon me like the family name, but I'm not complaining, I've loved every minute of it (and my kids have been given the same birthright!). I have been an Anfield resident for ten years now and grew up in the Everton area of the city before that. I have lived in north Liverpool all my life and feel that, although the club is not in any way responsible for the area, it should (along with Everton FC) have a moral obligation as residents of the area to involve themselves in helping the area to become better and to help it grow and to become a successful and prosperous area. Having the opportunity to enter into proper dialogue with the club over issues that we all deem as important is an exciting proposal and with the openness and transparency that has been promised I feel it is something that can only benefit the club. As far as what I could offer I feel that I would bring an honesty and forthright opinion that wouldn't be clouded by my love for the club. I would want to listen to all the opinions and to all the considerations for action and hopefully offer a direct and truthful response from the education of listening to those directly involved in the running of the club and not from the words that have been diluted by press or TV that may have a motive for obscuring the truth. This would again, I feel, help the club and help to remove any alienation that the fans may have felt in the past from the club. I am putting myself forward for this role because, as I have said, I would feel honoured to hear about the exciting future of the club from those that have the ability to achieve great things and gain an understanding of what they are trying to do and how they intend to do it. I would like to have a say on how these good things can be done, initially for the present and then for the future of both the club and the city, and hopefully helping to bring these ideas to fruition thereby helping to achieve our aim in securing both a successful club and the rebuilding of an area that desperately needs to be brought up to the standards suited to the home of a championship winning football club and worldwide fan attraction. Thank you for your consideration.

Representing Supporters in the Merseyside postal code area: Richard Pedder

Profile to follow.

Why I wantedRepresenting Supporters in the UK (outside of Merseyside): Aaron Cardoso
Born: 1980
Lives: Milton Keynes

Why I wanted to represent this group: My name is Aaron and I am a British Asian from Milton Keynes who is a massively passionate red. I attend home games as much as I can, usually 10-12 games a season, in what is usually a 6/7 hour round trip. I usually sit in the centenary stand after a pint in the Paisley Lounge. I am a keen poster on the blondepoker forum (Europe's largest poker forum and my former employer) and in the sports betting and discussion sub board I am an avid poster on the Liverpool FC thread which I started in the build up to Istanbul. Over the last 20 or so months the thread has been reborn as I've defended our club to the hilt with my passion and research on all things football and all things boardroom. From Rafa's net spend to Hodgson's tactics: I have a degree in Business Economics and am currently employed as an account manager for Leaseplan. I'd like to represent the club as the non-Meyseyside representitive in the UK for a few reasons. In all honesty I thought about applying for the Ethnic Minority supporters role but I really believe in some of the things we need to change, or perhaps just tweak, in order to become truly global are based around the welcoming of a wider audience. I feel as though we need to move away from the inward looking mentality I've seen creep in since Hicks and Gillette. I remember the warmth of fans around me as I came to Anfield to watch Barnes in the nineties scarcely believing I'd travelled so far with my dad. Now I hear chants about cockney scum and I lurk on the forum and feel the anti London vibe has returned for the wrong reasons. Don't let me forget the good stuff. I know we have huge Scandinavian support at our home games for example. I know our bond with various European clubs is huge. What I'm talking about it more fundamental. We should never buy the s*n, and we should embrace all that is scouse as though a nation, but we should also take into account the global picture. By definition a large number of Liverpool fans will be in London (it's simple mathematics) and will come from the South. This is a huge part of our future. If we remain on the outside we risk the columnists' inches gravitating even more to the right of centre towards the London clubs, the FA moving more into he LMAs pocket, and Sky 'old school' commentators being given even more of a grip on the nations opinions. We need to be smart, we need to embrace some changes. Not to fight as outsiders but to educate as insiders. We are only now catching up with "brand Man Utd" and "franchise Real Madrid". What would we give for an Alan Hansen on Sky? Or another Phil Thompson? I believe I am in touch with what not only our Southern fans think/see/read but I'm also in the unique position of seeing what many other clubs fans think of us and how we're portrayed in the media. Until the MK Dons came to Milton Keynes it was simply the biggest mongrel mix of football supports you've ever seen. Finally I feel as though these very real and sometimes tough questions need to go to our new owners with respect but gravity. We're willing to break our backs for them if they just scratch ours occasionally. In fairness, they're making all the right noises so far. I feel as though we, as fans, have a lot to offer but we need to move into the contemporary digital age so that we aren't left behind. If we take FSG's new age thinking and philosophy to the fans in the right way we'll all be sailing in the right direction. I hope my script finds you well - my apologies if I have written more than 500 words!

Representing Season Ticket Holders: Robert Humphries
Born: 1957
Lives: Orrell Park, Liverpool

Why I wanted to represent this group: Dear Panel, why choose me? Well I can only think of addressing this as a form of cv for a job application. However firstly I would like to state that I welcome the creation of this 'supporters' committee'. Obviously time will tell if it is to be of any real use but surely, despite some negativity, any form of communication has got to be better than none! I am also encouraged that the club have attempted to use a wide strand of members for the 'selection panel' - especially Ian Callaghan, my all time favourite LFC player; John Bishop, a fantastic comedian; Sue Johnston, the great actress etc etc (does that work? Sorry, I jest). My 'cv' therefore will be made up of three areas - personal, work and of course LFC. Personal I have been married for just over thirty years and have three beautiful daughters, one of whom regularly attends matches with me whilst patiently waiting on the season ticket list for her name to come up! I am currently on the 'Consultative Committee' for Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital and previously was a 'Consultative Committee' member for Liverpool Vision, a local regeneration body and have served as Chairperson of my local Orrell Park Residents' Association. Work I work as a maintenance fitter at Yorkshire Copper Tube in Kirkby and have done for over thirty years. I am currently the team leader of my engineering department and also the Senior Steward on the site for the Unite/Amicus trade union. I have represented our members at site, regional, national and international level on various bodies and fully understand the role of representation and appreciate the differences between consultation, communication and negotiation. It was following the Hilsborough disaster, and having three young daughters at the time, that spurred me on to become a fully qualified first aider at work (including defibrillation) trained by the North West Ambulance Service. This interest is H&S led me to achieving my Nebosh National Diploma and a graduate member of the professional body, the Institute of Safety and Health (IOSH). I have gained a lot of experience through my union links and have achieved qualifications in Employment Law, Economics and Equal Opportunities amongst many others. LFC I have been an LFC supporter since I was an egg and a season ticket holder for as long as I can remember. I am passionate about my club and have enjoyed some fantastic times following the reds. I have travelled, and still do, everywhere to watch my beloved team. I understand the difficulties in creating a fair system for ticket distribution and remember hoping my season ticket ended in the right digit to qualify for cup final tickets as opposed to the loyalty scheme presently used. I would be honoured, if chosen, to represent my fellow season ticket holders and play a small part in ensuring OUR club recognises the importance of all its supporters in order to make LFC great once again both on and off the field.

Representing Under 18s: Lewis Cubbin
Born: 1994
Lives: Norris Green, Liverpool

Why I wanted to represent this group: First of all, I'd just like to say that the implementation of a Supporters' Committee by Liverpool Football Club is a decision that I know will benefit our wonderful institution for many years to come. The relationship between LFC and those who pledge their eternal allegiance to it has been somewhat broken over the past few years, what with a hostile ownership between 2007 and 2010, that saw the attitudes and values of everybody associated (the Liverpool way) stretched as key figures went public about things that we should, quite frankly, not ever need to deal with. In bringing the ordinary supporter off the street and into discussion with the Club on essential issues, the trust levels of our recently instated board would rise at a constant rate, and we'd be able to achieve that stability that we have been craving for such a long time. I'm Lewis Cubbin, a sixteen year old from Norris Green in Liverpool. I attend West Derby Comprehensive School's sixth form and, as I type, am studying English, Government and Economics. As I entered the GCSE period of compulsory education, and it became known to me that English was by far my strongest subject, I deemed it logical to take what literary skills I had, and look to use them in my future occupations. That coupled in with an unhealthy obsession with sport (football in particular), and my aspirations of becoming a sportswriter had began. I unfortunately don't possess a season ticket, but do attend around 80% of the home matches in all competitions, as well as quite a few away games (usually against the other Northern sides in the division). I am a member of the Spirit of Shankly supporters' union, despite not committing to all of their views. I joined the union during the height of Tom Hicks & George Gillett's time at the club, and have remained there even after their corrupt regime can to its demise. When I'm not going to the match or studying, I have a blog dedicated to Liverpool FC. I also have a Twitter page, which allows me to converse with other supporters (as of this moment, I have 560 followers) and have gained some recognition from influential figures such as Paul Tomkins in my first six months. I believe that I would be a stable representative of supporters under the age of eighteen as I possess a balanced opinion, am a great believer in long term, strategic thinking and most of all, I'm an ordinary, local lad with a good idea of what the fanbase is thinking. I wouldn't apply if I didn't think I would be of great benefit to the cause. I would be flattered if you could take my application into consideration, as such an opportunity would be a superb stepping stone for somebody who wants to some day write and converse with others about the sport and team he loves, for a living.

Representing Over 60s: Dr Stephen Kelly
Born: 1946
Lives: Manchester

Why I wanted to represent this group: I first visited Anfield as a young boy in the late 1950s and quickly became a committed fan. Over the next two decades I watched Liverpool from the Kop, and supported them home, away and abroad. In the mid 1980s I became a season ticket holder in the Main Stand and have been there ever since. I am now almost 65 and semi-retired but my passion and commitment continues as ever. As the author of more than a dozen books about Liverpool Football Club, including the official history and biographies of Bill Shankly, Kenny Dalglish, Graeme Souness and Gerard Houllier, I feel that I have an extensive knowledge of Liverpool and its fans. In the 1980s as a journalist with Granada Television I was involved in the media coverage of the Heysel and Hillsborough disasters. Indeed I was present at Heysel and following the Hillsborough disaster I campaigned strongly over the coverage meted out to fans particularly by the Sun. During this period I became more actively involved in the club through my books. This involved close liaison with directors as well as club officials, such as Brian Hall, and the various managers I was writing about. This enabled me to gain an understanding of the way the club operates. I have also written oral histories of the Kop and the Bootroom and as a result feel that I have an understanding of the fans and their passion for the club. Over the years I have on occasions written to the club pointing out difficulties concerning safety within the stadium. Although most of my games today are viewed from the Main Stand, I always watch European games from the Kop and thereby have a knowledge of that particular area as well. I still attend as many away games as possible and therefore understand the problems fans face at away matches. My prime focus would be to address concerns facing older fans. These include accessibility to the stadium itself, stairways, toilet facilities, congestion and the difficulties of exiting certain areas. As a fan who now lives outside of Liverpool I am also acutely aware of the travel difficulties many face, particularly on journeys home. These can include parking, road works, accessibility, exiting the Anfield area and the need for eating facilities both inside and outside the stadium. I also am familiar with the ticketing issues that fans face, such as pricing, availability and the fair distribution of tickets for key cup games. If I was to be chosen for this role I would endeavour to set up a website so that fans could leave messages detailing concerns. I would also discuss the possibility of having access to one of the fans' major websites, or even the club's official website, so that fans could communicate their problems. I welcome the setting up of this committee as a positive step by the club and something that I have been urging for some time.

The remaining 12 fans who have been nominated to sit on the committee will be revealed shortly.

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Liverpool Football Club would like to thank all 3,705 supporters who took the time to apply for a role on the committee. Every application was read by the selection panel and your support for this process was very much appreciated. Stay tuned to the website for details about when the first meeting of the Liverpool FC Supporters' Committee will take place.


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