Jürgen Klopp has urged his Liverpool players to block out all the external noise and just focus on the task at hand when Manchester United arrive at Anfield today.

The Old Trafford outfit visit L4 as the current leaders of the Premier League, although the Reds can reclaim first place with victory in the much-anticipated fixture. 

Putting aside those possibilities regarding the league standings and the history between the two clubs, Klopp explained why all that matters to him this afternoon is the three points on offer.

In his column for the matchday programme, the boss writes: "Games such as this – blockbuster fixtures – are won in the moment.

"It is crucial that, as a team and club, we only take valuable learnings from what has gone before and motivation to keep being better from what is ahead. 

"For us it really is all about living in the here and now. All that matters is the challenge immediately ahead of you and giving all you can in that moment to be your best for yourself and your team. That applies to training and games. 

"I love that a contest such as this attracts so much attention and debate. It's why we do what we do. Liverpool vs Manchester United should be a clash that excites and provokes positive anticipation. 

"It is for the supporters and football followers around the world to immerse themselves in the 'what ifs'. It's for everyone else to enjoy the competitive comparisons, status debates and partisan opinions that will no doubt have been ramped up in the days leading up to kick-off. 

"We just need to focus on our work, our preparation and ultimately our delivery. We need tunnel vision on being ready to win individual and collective battles in the moment. 

"I have said before that I personally believe it is a mistake to make any club, no matter how big a rival, a measure for your own achievements. At a club like Liverpool you have to be your own yardstick. We, as a team and club, have set our own standards in recent seasons. We are our own biggest critic and set our own expectations. 

"So today's game is the best team for over the 90 minutes on this given Sunday. Who is going to be better today? That is enough for me and my players, to be honest. It's the only thing that can be won today, so we throw ourselves into it with all we have.

"Respect you face a powerful opponent, but concentrate on your own strengths and attack the moment. It is a reason to feel joy that we have this opportunity."