Liverpool learned a 'very important lesson' during their 4-3 victory over Salzburg on Wednesday night, Jürgen Klopp explained.

The Champions League holders registered their first points in Group E after a thrilling, end-to-end contest with the Austrian visitors.

Having raced into a three-goal lead in the first half, the Reds were stunningly pegged back before the hour mark and had to produce a winner – from Mohamed Salah – to clinch the result.

Read a summary of Klopp’s verdict on the tie at his post-match press conference below…

Watch: Liverpool 4-3 Salzburg in 90 seconds

On his explanation of being in control of the game and then being pegged back…

How do I explain that? I think it was obvious: we left the very successful path of the first 30 minutes. That was some of the best football we played so far, against how we all saw a little bit later a very well organised team with a clear idea and identity. We did everything they don’t like, on a high speed, scored the three goals, could have scored more. They changed the system – that’s allowed and is not really a problem usually, but tonight it was for us because we changed the approach a little bit for some reason. Some were in a controlling mood, some were in an attacking mood, other positions were too hectic. The main problem was that we tried to finish our situations off through the middle of the park; they had one midfielder less in the defensive [area] because they took a bit more risk and left a No.10 in between the lines. So they had one midfielder less and we still tried to push through the centre. We lost the balls there, they passed the ball to the No.10, he could turn at the back of Fabinho, could turn and counter-attack. That changed the momentum of the game.

Because of the specific history of Salzburg, they were not really bothered – there are teams that would maybe break down after 3-0 at Anfield – but they weren’t, they were not really bothered. We opened the door and they were running through, chasing through the door. They scored their goal, then at half-time we tried to adjust but all the goals they scored – first goal, we lost the ball easy; second or third goal, we lost the ball easy. Counter-attacks when you are 3-1 up makes not a lot of sense. But it happened. It was a very important lesson for us tonight, but I prefer massively to learn it in the game than after the game because if we would have lost 4-3 it would have been the same lesson. But now we won 4-3, so three points and a lot to learn from. So I’m fine. I knew before we have to improve a lot, now everybody knows it. That’s OK. We made it more intense than necessary but we sorted it result-wise. Three points in the group, game on, so now recover and face Leicester.

On the key to finding a way to win…

Control the game again. We changed system as well, to give them a few more questions. One of the problems of the game was maybe that in the first half an hour the boys had to work really hard for it but it felt so easy – pass the ball left, accelerate, being in the half-space. I don’t know how often we had a midfielder in a completely free space – Gini or Sadio, we pass the ball through the last line or from the full-back, they were completely free and could turn. The only thing they changed was to a diamond, and then in a few different areas a bit more man-orientated. You still have to get the ball but be orientated, turn if there is no pressure. We now felt pressure from everywhere that was not there, so we passed all these balls back to the centre-half and tried to do something. I was already shouting in the first half that we had to use our structure again. But that’s obviously easier said than done. There are a lot of things to learn from, a lot of things to improve but still, the target before the game was winning – now we did, so I’m obviously fine with that. Now let’s carry on.

On the impact of the home supporters on the game…

The fans are always important, they are always important. In a game like this it is very important that you celebrate a challenge, when we win a press ball or whatever that you celebrate like a goal, like it would be against Barcelona or whatever. I am like this, too. The atmosphere was brilliant and after 3-3 our people remembered we are at Anfield and there’s still something possible. They were really supportive and it helped a lot.

On whether Liverpool’s ability to score the fourth goal was a sign of their character…

In comparison to two years ago or three years ago, maybe yes. But it would be silly if that would not be possible because we did so many good things, so if we would now lose complete faith in ourselves when things are getting a bit more difficult in a game [it would be silly]. For tonight it’s done but the job will be similar on Saturday and we have only three days to recover. Christian Fuchs was here tonight as a pundit and all of the others [Leicester players] were on the sofa and watched the game, so that’s slightly different preparation for that game. I am sure Brendan Rodgers thinks if we protect like we did tonight then Jamie Vardy will probably run through five times alone on the goalkeeper.

We will learn but we have to learn quick. It is not for us that it is completely new, it is usually a strength of ours, but tonight for some reason we didn’t show that strength. We have to go again and that we showed character, I’m the last one who would be surprised by that. That’s why I was not overly concerned when it went to 3-3 because I knew we would have moments again. We changed our system as well, we gave that sign that we are still here to win the game. There was still half an hour to change the game again and that’s what was most important in the moment. We did that and so I’m fine with that. It was far away from being a perfect game, but it was a typical Liverpool game – very exciting. I thought after the game maybe I’m angry but then I realised I’m not angry, so why should I show up as though I am angry? I respect the performance of the opponent, I saw a lot of good things from us, we can do better, we will do better and that’s it – have a nice trip home!

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