Trent Alexander-Arnold and Andy Robertson are willing to go above and beyond to ensure Liverpool leave Madrid with the Champions League trophy in hand.

Tottenham Hotspur stand in between the Reds and European football's biggest prize as the two Premier League sides prepare to do battle inside the Estadio Metropolitano on Saturday night.

Alexander-Arnold and Robertson previewed the spectacle by appearing at a press conference on Friday evening.

Read a summary of their comments below...

On whether the warm temperatures in Madrid will have an impact on the game...

Alexander-Arnold: I think obviously we've done our prep, we went to Marbella for a bit, so I think that'll help us. I think the sign of a good side is being able to adapt to different circumstances and different situations during games. I'm sure the heat will obviously cause problems for both teams and it's about us being able to prepare for that and to be ready for it. We know it's going to be hot but I think we've got to be ready for it, we're mentally prepared for it. Nonetheless, we've still got to give 100 per cent.

Robertson: It's the same for both teams. We both need to deal with it. We're both from England, so we're used to a bit cooler temperatures. But once the game gets started, we both have to deal with the same situations. It's something that we're prepared for. We've obviously just landed and we know how hot it is, but it's something that we've played in before - we've played abroad before in pre-season and things like that. It's something we'll try and use. We know it'll be hot but we can't change that.

On what it's like to face Spurs and whether they're the underdogs in this final...

Alexander-Arnold: I think in terms of the Champions League and getting to the final and that, then they are because obviously we got to one last year and they never. So clearly in that fact, yeah. But in terms of quality, in terms of sides then I think it's quite even. They've got world-class players, we've got world-class players. Tomorrow, it's literally a fight till the end to see who wins and who wants it more. It'll be difficult for both sides. Both sides have their game plans and I think it's fair to say that it'll be a really tactical game from both sides. I'm sure whoever comes out on top will deserve it and I'm sure the best team will win tomorrow.

Robertson: For me, I don't think they're underdogs. Personally, the games I've played against them in the Premier League, it's been the toughest games we've played - the way they set up, the way they can cause us problems. But we know we can cause them problems as well, just like any team. We've both got very good squads and it's about who shows up better on the day. If they're better than us then they'll definitely win the game - and vice versa. If both teams go and play 100 per cent to their potential then it doesn't guarantee that we'll win or it doesn't guarantee they'll win - it'll be decided on a special moment or whatever. I think the two teams are fairly matched. I think they've had an unbelievable season and they'll be full of confidence, but so are we. We look forward to the challenge and we look forward to going toe-to-toe with them. For me, I think it's very even.

On the Liverpool fans in Madrid inspiring them...

Alexander-Arnold: I don't think it's extra pressure at all. I think even already the numbers that are already here, it's impossible to fit that many in the stadium, so we know there's a lot of support here already. Even without seeing any videos, pictures, or hearing anything, you know that no matter where we go around Europe or around the world, the support is always going to be there. That's part and parcel of playing at a massive club like Liverpool. Last season we experienced a lot of stuff and this season we've experienced it as well. All the lads are prepared to put everything on the line for the fans and hopefully everyone who's out here and everyone back home and all around the world will be able to celebrate tomorrow night.

Robertson: If you come across the videos and stuff like that then it's not a bad thing. It's always a good thing to see your fans having a good time. We obviously hope they continue that. But like Trent said, we feel the pressure of playing for this club every day because we know the fanbase we've got is worldwide. We know there's going to be thousands of people over here that don't have tickets and do have tickets. The ones in the stadium are just a small fraction of what Liverpool represents. We have that pressure day-to-day, so it's not going to make a difference come tomorrow. We're appreciative of the support we've got and that'll continue on till tomorrow I'm sure.

On whether they feel any pressure due to the club losing its last two European finals...

Alexander-Arnold: I think they're past us. On behalf of me and Robbo, we weren't at Basel, we weren't playing then. Last season, the experience has helped us this season. We learned a lot from the game, it would be daft of us to just completely forget what happened last season and try and start fresh. I think we've used things throughout the season that we learnt in Kiev from [Real] Madrid - the way they won the game, the way they went about things and how they beat us. I think we've matured as a team. We've showed how we can win games, how we can hold on to 1-0 leads, we can keep clean sheets a lot better. I think throughout the course of the season we've proven why we're such a good side. It's because of the experiences we've had so far and I'm sure we'll use them as motivation again tomorrow. Personally, I don't want to feel how I felt last season in Kiev again tomorrow and that'll be running through my mind during the game and maybe put that extra one or two per cent in.

Robertson: For me, the last finals are irrelevant because we can't go back and change them. As a squad, this new squad, then it's our first time being in the final. We made quite a few signings in the summer and obviously a couple people left. In terms of that, it was our first title challenge and it was our first time to get to a Champions League final. Of course there were a lot of us that played last season and we can use that experience. We have used it already - going far in the tournament and dealing with the pressure of playing Saturday-Tuesday every single week. That's why we've kept our standards pretty high this season. But we can't focus on Kiev or Basel because their finals are done. If you focussed on games [where] you got beat then we would struggle all the time. We won't be thinking about that, but we'll be trying to create different feelings of course because last year was a horrible feeling after the game. We hope to have a lot better feelings this time.  

On how much they want to win the trophy for Jürgen Klopp...

Robertson: We don't just do it for us and our family, we do it for the manager, the coaches and everyone that's behind the scenes at Melwood. We do it for every single one of them that put all their time and basically their life into making sure we're right. We want to do it for all of them and of course the manager is the front of that. Since he's come here, he has changed the way the club is. We obviously want to try and repay him with a trophy. Squads before have come close and just fell short, and [now] it's all about trying to take that next step. But it's not just for him, it's for his team behind it - the team behind the team, everyone at Melwood and all our families. But of course it would be nice to see him with his hands on the trophy.

On how they have driven each other on this season...

Alexander-Arnold: Me and Robbo have got a really good relationship on and off the pitch. It's not so much us talking about that, we both know each other's qualities and where we can improve. It's about in training pushing each other every single day and I think it's about the lads who push us every single day to keep us going, to test us and take us to our limits. There's not so much discussions of things like that, but we recognise each other's qualities. We try and play to each other's qualities and obviously it's a good duo to be a part of. This season we've done so well with the assists, but we'd trade them all in for a little bit of silverware. Tomorrow, hopefully we'll be able to perform well and hopefully win the trophy and then it'll all be worth it this season. I'm sure Robbo will say the same that everything tomorrow is going to be for us as a team and to bring the trophy back to the fans back home.

Robertson: You can look at what each other are doing, especially the good things. That's why we have private competitions that drive each other on because we enjoy seeing each other doing well. I get as much buzz at seeing him assist a goal or making a goalline challenge than I do for myself because I know we're part of a good defence, but we're kind of a duo in the full-back positions. We both want each other to do as well as we can do. We don't talk about the art of full-back play or anything like that. We just enjoy seeing each other doing well. Of course if one of us sees something in the game that the other can take advantage of then we'll talk to each other and try and do it. But it's definitely just about trying to improve each other and take confidence from the other playing so well.

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