Jürgen Klopp expects to name his strongest bench in 'weeks or months' tomorrow evening when Liverpool face Real Madrid in the Champions League final.

And the German rejected suggestions that he might cast envious glances at the substitutes opposition manager Zinedine Zidane will be able to call on, proudly declaring: 'We did it our way'.

With Adam Lallana having returned to first-team action in the final Premier League game of the season and Emre Can pushing for inclusion in the squad following his recovery from a back problem, Klopp has received a timely boost to his options for Saturday's showpiece in Kiev.

Speaking at a press conference to preview the fixture, the Reds boss was keen to focus on those positives, rather than discuss the embarrassment of riches at Real's disposal.

He said: "That’s what we [did] the whole season already pretty much since we had the injuries. We had unbelievable quality on the bench for a long part of the season. 

"Probably nobody has the same quality as Real Madrid but that's because [Lucas] Vazquez and [Marco] Asensio are really young and already outstandingly good and whoever sits next to them has big, big quality, no doubt about that. 

"But it's not about comparing all the good things of Real Madrid with our things, we are completely fine with what we have. 

"We have the best bench we had for weeks or months tomorrow night so we are in a much better position than weeks ago. We had to go the [hard] way, 11 or 12 players had to play the last six or eight games themselves - not because the others are not good enough but we had no chance really to change because of positions, stuff like that - and they went through it. 

"We are as fresh as we can be after this two weeks; fitness will not be an issue for tomorrow. To win a final, each team in the past needed a bit of luck and that’s what we need for sure tomorrow as well. 

"Last year, the final, the red card for Juventus was in favour of Real Madrid - stuff like that. We need to be ready for all the challenges in the game. 

"We will never compare anything that they have and we don’t have. We really feel in a good position, we really are fine with our tools, the things we have, and we want to use them and don’t think about what the other teams have. 

"Maybe a few clubs still have better things than we have but they are not in the final, we are. We did it our way and we want to do it our way again and then we will see what it leads to."