Roberto Firmino sat down with LFCTV after committing his long-term future to Liverpool FC on Sunday - read a full transcript of the forward's interview below.

The 26-year-old discussed his love for the club's fans, the importance of Jürgen Klopp in his decision, and the Reds' aims in Europe this season.

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Congratulations on your new contract…

Thank you! 

How easy a decision was it to commit your future to Liverpool FC?

Yes, it was easy. The club have taken me in in an incredible way and I’ve grown a lot here with my work with the support of the whole team. I am very, very happy here.

Why are you and Liverpool such a good match?

I think it is a cycle of friendship inside this football club. Everything fits in the best possible way. My teammates are fantastic and I am very grateful to be able to play with them at this club.

The engine is how Jürgen Klopp describes you… (what do you think about that)?

I think he is right when he says that! I am really an engine – I enjoy helping my team and I love to give my best all the time. I play every match without leaving anything behind and I hope I can continue moving forward playing in this way to help my team.

How influential has the manager been in bringing you to the level you’re at now?

Yes, of course. The manager helped me a lot after he arrived here. The manager coming to the football club was not only good for me, but for the whole team. We’ve grown a lot and now we are showing that with the results on the pitch.

We have to talk about your fellow forwards, Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah. What’s it like playing alongside those two?

Exceptional, both of them. They are excellent footballers with a lot of quality and I am grateful to play beside them. The whole team is doing a very good job on the pitch and everything is coming together in the correct manner.

Do you feel the qualities each of you possess complement each other and bring out the best in each other?

Yes, of course. Every day our relationship gets better and better and then in the games, we apply what we’ve worked on in training before. I hope that we can continue in this way, or even improve to become better.

It’s your best ever season in terms of goals – but do you feel there’s more to come for you?

Yes. I want more and more all the time. I am a stubborn boy and don’t like to lose! I hope to work even harder to achieve good things that are yet to come.

Tell us about your relationship with the Liverpool fans…

I love the fans. Every time I go into the city centre and see the fans, they always greet me and I feel very well here in the city. The fans are fantastic to me.

How does it make you feel when you hear them chant your name?

It is fantastic. It is the result of my hard work, the work I do on the pitch with the whole team. It is fantastic to hear it because it gives me more energy to give my very best on the pitch.

Your celebrations are a big talking point too, how do you come up with them?

The day before, I sometimes think about what I’ll do if I score, although my focus is always on the match ahead. Sometimes the celebration just comes naturally, but sometimes I plan ahead and have something in my mind to do if I score.

A lot of people think Sadio likes to copy your celebrations… what’s your opinion?

I think so, too! I have seen a few videos of his celebrations. I think he has copied Coutinho in the past and now he is trying to copy me.

It’s a long-term deal you’ve signed here – what do you believe the team can achieve in the future?

We all know how big Liverpool Football Club is. It is a club with a lot of tradition, so I hope to continue with the whole team going forward, dreaming aloud and aiming very high. Hopefully we will be able to win titles, that’s the most important thing for us.

There is still plenty to play for this season too…

Yes, there is a possibility of winning the Champions League – but we have a semi-final to finish first. We have the second leg with Roma and we have to focus very hard in order to be able to play at our best and reach the final. That’s what we’re aiming for.

The European run has been incredible so far this season – one step away from the final now. These are exciting times…

Yes, of course. We have done very good work in Europe. We’ve also done good work in the Premier League. The season has been very good so far, but we must not stop here. We have to carry on, focused on our hard work in order for us to be very happy at the end.

What would it mean to both you individually but also to the team to reach the final?

It would be a rare thing to do, a unique moment in our lives, in mine. It is my first Champions League season and we’ve been playing well with good performances on the pitch. We’ve had a lot of wins, which is fantastic for us.

A job still to do in Rome first though…

Yes, nothing is won so far. We have a very hard match ahead of us in the second leg. We have to be very intelligent and give our best on the pitch. Basically, to do what we’ve been doing so far – which is playing very good football.

Finally, what is your message to the Liverpool fans watching this interview?

I love to play for Liverpool FC. The fans are excellent and fantastic in how they support us all the way. They support us throughout the games and the work they do during the match is beautiful.