Next up in our weekly Meet the Academy series, which seeks to shed further light on the aspiring talents developing their potential at the club's Kirkby youth base, is tenacious U21s midfielder Jordan Lussey.

The 20-year-old - who has been with the club for more than a decade - is a combative, box-to-box presence for Michael Beale's charges and possesses both a strong passing range and a keen eye for goal when opportunities arise.

In our exclusive Q&A below, Lussey reveals the altogether different profession he might have tried instead of football, the Real Madrid superstar he would like to meet and his appreciation for Steven Gerrard.

Date of birth

November 2, 1994

Place of birth



Centre midfield

First team you played for?

Ormskirk Cross Hall

When did you join Liverpool?


Who was your idol growing up?

Steven Gerrard

Who did you support growing up?


Favourite sport other than football?

Tennis or golf

Favourite subject at school?

Physical Education

If you were not a footballer, what job would you like to do?


Person you'd like to meet?

Cristiano Ronaldo

What's on your iPod?


Favourite food?

Spaghetti Bolognese 

Favourite holiday destination?

The Caribbean

Which Liverpool player do you most admire?

Steven Gerrard

Best football match you've seen?

The 2005 Champions League final between Liverpool and AC Milan

Describe Liverpool in one word...


Ultimate dream in football?

To play at the highest level