As Liverpool prepare to welcome Champions League football back to Anfield this season, today is a rather special anniversary - it is 50 years exactly since the club's European debut in Iceland on August 17, 1964.

The Reds have since won five European Cups and three UEFA Cups, building an illustrious history, but the foreign adventures all began under Bill Shankly in the Icelandic capital Reykjavik.

Our opponents were the home champions KR Reykjavík and the competition was the European Cup; in a precursor for later dominance in the tournament, the travellers won 5-0.

Roger Hunt notably netted twice, spearheading a line-up that included the likes of Ian Callaghan, Tommy Lawrence, Ronnie Moran and captain Ron Yeats.

Recalling the momentous occasion, Callaghan explained to how their preparation for a journey into Europe was far different to that enjoyed by the current squad.

The Reds' record appearance holder reflected: "It makes you feel old when you realise it was 50 years ago, but it was a special occasion playing for Liverpool in Europe for the first time.

"I remember thinking to myself when we drawn to play Reykjavik: 'I didn't even know they played football in Iceland!'

"In those days we didn't charter a flight so we had to fly via Glasgow. We had a five-hour wait in Glasgow before our flight to Iceland, so Shanks decided to take us to Butlins to pass the time away.

"When we arrived at Butlins, Shanks went to the front of the bus and there was an old man in a hut at the entrance to the park. Shanks said: 'I've brought Liverpool FC, we are travelling to Iceland.' The man said: 'I think you've took a wrong turning!'

"It was all new to us and it was exciting playing in Europe. I have never been to Iceland since to tell you the truth; Reykjavik were part-time and we beat them quite comfortably in the end."

Callaghan later played in Liverpool's first ever European Cup triumph, against Borussia Monchengladbach in 1977. But for him, that game in 1964 was the start of a beautiful association with the trophy nicknamed 'Ol' Big Ears'.

"That was the start of something special and it seems appropriate that 50 years on from our first game in Europe we have the Champions League back at Anfield this season," he said.

"That is fantastic because it's where Liverpool deserve to be and the atmosphere for those games at Anfield is just electric.

"We had some incredible moments in Europe. In 1977 I remember the St Etienne game, when Davey Fairclough got the winner and then we went on to win in Rome.

"We had just lost in the FA Cup final and then, a few days later, to win the European Cup in Rome was just magic."

One of the most famous nights during Liverpool's 50yrs in Europe is being depicted in a film being released in early September - watch the official trailer below:

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