Kristoffer Peterson revelled in the feeling of scoring a goal for the Liverpool first team on Wednesday, but admitted that he owes a debt of gratitude to teammate Jordon Ibe.

The Swedish attacker struck home from close range three minutes into the second half against Brondby, although it proved mere consolation in an eventual 2-1 defeat.

His goal was created single-handedly by Ibe, who turned on the turbo engines to glide around and beyond forlorn challenges on the left flank and cross kindly into the centre.

"He's a top player and it's thanks to him that I scored the goal," Peterson reflected to shortly after the final whistle in Denmark. "I had some family and friends watching, it has been a pleasure.

"It's a dream come true to score a goal, but it doesn't matter really. I thought we did well, for the first game. We have been training really hard. It will come; it's only the first game of the season.

"I'm very happy. To be able to score for Liverpool, it doesn't get much better. I just want to keep this going and hopefully I can improve and score more goals."

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Peterson is 10 days older than Raheem Sterling, who performed to an exceptional standard for the seniors in the Barclays Premier League last season.

The Reds forward then impressed for England at the World Cup this summer - and has therefore become the yardstick for youngsters to measure their progress.

"He's such a player and he's a role model," Peterson said. "Even at 10 days younger than me, he's still a role model for me.

"What you need is hope and we have hope. We just need to really keep working hard, focus on the football and live a lifestyle as a footballer.

"The chance will come because we have a manager who likes to give chances to young players. All we can do is work really hard, hope the chance will come and be ready to take it when it comes."