The sight of Steven Gerrard, lost for words amid the din of the Ataturk Stadium moments after completing the greatest turnaround in football history, brings all the glorious memories flooding back.

Delirious, a touch bewildered, and overwhelmingly emotional, Gerrard is momentarily drawn away from the on-pitch celebrations to speak with Sky Sports reporter, Geoff Shreeves.

Outplayed in the first half, Liverpool trailed 3-0 at the interval; however, his goal had instigated a surge which AC Milan were unable to repel and the Reds swept back to 3-3 in the Champions League final.

Jerzy Dudek's penalty heroics then sealed the club's fifth European Cup and euphoric celebrations ensued in the Turkish capital as Gerrard hoisted the gleaming trophy above his head.

"I'm finding it hard to talk," gasped the captain, moments after the final whistle. "I can't sum up how good I feel at the moment, I'm just on top of the world.

"I had nothing left. The boys had nothing left, but we stuck in there and we fought. But, Geoff, I can't describe to you how good I feel. I just can't."

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