Mamadou Sakho has explained a fascinating method for keeping himself fighting fit for Liverpool.

The powerful centre-back has revealed he has taken up boxing as a personal hobby - though Reds fans won't be seeing him entering the ring for a bout.

"I'm someone who likes to do physical work outside of my day-to-day training," Sakho told at Melwood recently.

"I like boxing as a sport and, yes, I like to do boxing-based training as a way of varying my cardiovascular exercise a little - but I don't actually fight I have to tell you!

"I know my job is a footballer and I want to be fit for that. This just allows me to exercise in a slightly different way. You could say that I like to let off steam on the punch bag.

"I really appreciate boxing as a sport and I like to train once or twice a week with my coach, and it's an added extra positive for me."

Sakho recently had his boxing equipment imported from France and set up at home.

The 24-year-old admits he's felt the benefits of the training, in addition to his daily work at Melwood, out on the pitch.

"It helps me to prepare for games," the Frenchman added. "It helps me to be physically even stronger. It's part of that 'invisible' work that benefits me on an individual level."

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