Reds striker Daniel Sturridge has reflected on the strong relationship with his manager which has allowed the 24-year-old to become the top scorer in the Barclays Premier League.

Brendan Rodgers brought the former Chelsea and Manchester City prodigy to Liverpool in January of this year, and has been rewarded for his faith with 21 goals in 28 appearances since.

The Northern Irishman has repeatedly shared his belief that the No.15 can become one of the most lethal marksmen in European football in the coming years - lofty ambitions shared by Sturridge.

He told ESPN: "The manager has done so much, I can't thank him enough for what he's done for me.

"First and foremost giving me an opportunity, and then talking to me a lot and telling me about my game.

"He's pushing me and he doesn't let me rest on my laurels. I'm not the type of person to do that; I'm always critical of myself. Sometimes he tells me not to be critical of myself.

"He wants me to constantly improve my game, never to be content - everything from the tactics to the mental side to listening to the manager. Every little thing, he is on point, and he wants me to be on point all the time.

"For me, it's great to have a manager that understands me as a person, and we get along. He's hard on me at times as well - it's not all plain sailing.


"I understand he wants the best for me and if he gives me advice, I take it on board and listen 100 per cent. I wouldn't say it's like a father-son relationship.

"But I respect him and because I respect him so much, I listen to him. And I think he understands that there's more to come from me, and I shouldn't be content with the success that I'm having at present.

"He understands that, in the future, I can go on to improve as a footballer. That's more important to him, and more important to me, than what's going on right now."