For a country where over two thirds of the population are under 25, it's no surprise that many of Liverpool's Iranian supporters are too young to remember the club's last title triumph.

Instead, many, like Mohammad Reza Rahimi - the subject of this week's Global LFC Family feature - grew up idolising Michael Owen and had their breath taken away by the miracle that was Istanbul. The fan base may be young but it seems the Liverpool way still means something very special almost 3,000 miles away in Tehran...

Name: Mohammad Reza Rahimi
Age: 26
City / country: Tehran, Iran
Job: I work in construction as well as being the director of a trading company and admin at Supporters of Liverpool FC in Iran

Why did you pick Liverpool as your team?

It may seem a little funny but I was looking for a team that had less fans than certain other teams but had a lot more pride and honour. Most of the people around me in Iran were fans of Manchester United or Real Madrid. I got to know Liverpool after Michael Owen's brilliant England goal in 1998 and I learnt that he played for Liverpool. I read the fact that Liverpool had not won the league for eight years but they had the best and the most passionate fans ever. After that, day by day, I learnt more and more about Liverpool and I realised there was this special connection between me and the club. Today I feel inseparable from the club.

What's your earliest LFC memory of watching Liverpool?

I cannot remember it exactly because TV channels in Iran very rarely broadcast foreign games but the most memorable game I remember watching was during the 2000-01 season when we played the UEFA Cup final against Alaves. I have every minute of that game in my memory. I remember that they said it was Liverpool's first European final and through that, I learnt about Heysel and then Hillsborough.

How did people in your country follow Liverpool's fortunes at first?

For the older generation, at first they followed games on BBC radio and the TV channels would broadcast some important games. Newspapers and magazines published weekly results of European games but they were very much delayed. TV in Iran preferred to concentrate on European matches and leagues rather than the English league. Back then, Iranian football players like Ali Daei and Mehdi Mahdavikia were joining the Bundesliga so German football games were shown more often. To find out about Liverpool, newspapers were the best source of news. In recent years however, Iranian TV has a good coverage of the Premier League and almost all of Liverpool's important games are broadcast on Iranian TV.

Who was your first LFC hero and why?

Unfortunately, it was Michael Owen. Well, I first got to know Liverpool through him and at the time he was one of the most famous football stars in Europe. My room was full of his posters. It's just a pity he ended up joining Manchester United.

What is your favorite LFC memory?

Istanbul. If you ask any Liverpool fan about that night, they'll tell you that we showed the world that we were capable of making the impossible possible.

Who has been your favourite Liverpool manager and why?

It's clear that Bill Shankly, Bob Paisley and Kenny Dalglish are the best managers in Liverpool's history but for me personally, Rafael Benitez is my favourite. Rafa made many structural changes in the team and he got the best results in a very short time - almost winning us the Premier League. He built a team which beat the best teams in Europe - teams like Barcelona, Real Madrid and Chelsea (several times). Rafa did a great job in Liverpool and I hope one day that my answer to this question will be Brendan Rodgers.  

What has been your lowest point supporting Liverpool?

The Hicks and Gillett era. They almost destroyed the club.

Have you ever been to Anfield?

Unfortunately I've never been but it's every Liverpool fan's wish to be there one day and cheer his team.

Where were you while we were in Istanbul?

I really wanted to be in Istanbul because Turkey is Iran's neighbour but my school exams were starting the day after the game so I could not make it. I was watching the game like everyone else but I was also trying to study for my exams at the same time. The minute Maldini scored however, I threw my books aside.

Do Liverpool have a passionate fan base where you're from?

I've always said that those who are Liverpool's fan are special because they are not fans who just support a team because it wins cups or because they have a star player. From the day that we established a centre for Iranian Liverpool fans, I met some supporters who really have Liverpool as part of their identity. They are unbelievable.

Which teams are considered Liverpool's biggest rivals in your country?

In recent years, we asked this question on our web site and forum - www.LFC.IR and www.Reds.IR and Manchester United was always at the top of our poll. I think that answers your question.

Where do you go online to follow news about LFC?

The first thing in the morning I check the club's website but because Twitter is now faster on delivering information, I also follow the news on there too.

Do you also support a local team?

We have four famous teams with millions of fans - Perspolis, Esteghlal, Sepahan and Tractor Sazi Tabriz but I'm not a fan of any of them. Many people ask how it is possible to watch football and not be a fan of one of these teams but I don't have enough time to support any other team but Liverpool. However, like every other Iranian, I'm a big fan of our national football team.

Who is your favorite current player and why?

The answer is easy - captain Steven Gerrard. Since I became a Liverpool fan, Steven Gerrard has always been Mr Liverpool. He is a very nice guy and we are proud that we have such a captain who has always been a one-club player. He is amazing.

If you could meet anyone connected to Liverpool FC - past or present -who would it be and why?

It's a difficult question. From the past, I would like to meet Kenny Dalglish. He is a real legend for Liverpool. He's the king. He made us proud as a football player and also as a head coach. From the present players I would like to meet Stevie G. I'd like to tell him that I wish that someday I will support him as the head coach of the team.

What makes you most proud to be a Liverpool supporter?

'You'll Never Walk Alone'. There are lots of lessons in this phrase - dedication, passion, loyalty and love. Liverpool fans always make their team proud and most coaches and players believe that Liverpool have the best fans ever. There is nothing like Liverpool fans in football.

Finally, what does 'the Liverpool way' mean to you?

The Liverpool way means support, support and support. We, Liverpool fans, are united like a family. YNWA is our one and only slogan. And this is what keeps us together. Every team has one unique philosophy. The philosophy behind Liverpool has had a big impact on my personal life. The Liverpool way is a fascinating life style for everyone - you can see belief, honesty, morality and unity in it.

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