An innovative new partnership between LFC Foundation and Right To Play, and supported by DKSH, will help disadvantaged children in Bangkok to develop life and leadership skills that will help them learn, lead and succeed.

The programme is focused on helping young people in parts of Bangkok, where crime and anti-social behaviour is on the rise and where there are few safe places for children and young people to gather and play.  

Working Side by Side and with DKSH, a leading market expansion services provider, LFC Foundation and Right To Play are rehabilitating spaces across four different communities in Bangkok to provide safe and accessible areas for young people to play and learn.

The programme was launched on October 19, 2020 with a community celebration at one of the newly-refurbished spaces in Rim Thang Rod Fai Sa Tha Rua. In this and other spaces, coaches will support young people to develop self-confidence, communication and resilience, so they can make more informed life choices that will keep them away from crime and gangs and help them engage more meaningfully with their communities. Young people will also have a chance to take leadership roles within their communities and work with their peers to make them better.

Alongside regular sport and play-based activities, Side by Side programmes will help connect children in Thailand with those in Liverpool, helping develop their understanding of the world around them. We will also use the power of the LFC badge to inspire young people by offering coaching clinics with Foundation coaches and sending messages of support from players and legends. 

Matt Parish, LFC Foundation director, said: “As the world’s greatest football family, we are committed to helping those in need both at home in Liverpool and around the world. We are excited to use our expertise and the appeal of the LFC badge to have a positive impact on vulnerable children and their communities in Thailand.”

“We are proud to be working in partnership with Liverpool FC Foundation and DKSH to create a lasting impact in children’s lives,” added Right To Play CEO Dr. Kevin Frey. “Liverpool FC is recognised not just for its accomplishments on the field, but also for its commitment to improving the lives of children and young people around the world, including those in Thailand." 

Carl Johan Soderstjerna, head country management, DKSH (Thailand) Limited commented: “Having the necessary life skills and enabling learning environments are crucial for future generations to thrive in the workforce and become productive members of society. As an employer with a long history in the country, DKSH is proud to be a part of this meaningful initiative to sustainably improve the future of children and young people and help strengthen the human capital of Thailand.”