Fans can take a journey through the life of John Houlding in a new mini-documentary after a statue of the club's founder was recently unveiled at Anfield.

Houlding was president of Everton Football Club and became embroiled in the turmoil which engulfed the club in 1892.

After a split between Everton's board of directors, it was Houlding who founded a new team at Anfield - and named them Liverpool Football Club.

In November this year, prior to the Merseyside derby, a bust of the former Liverpool Lord Mayor was installed adjacent to the Main Stand.

It was the culmination of more than a year's work for renowned local sculptor Tom Murphy, who also crafted the iconic Bill Shankly statue that stands outside the Kop.

In Houlding: Liverpool's Founding Father, a mini-documentary about the man who started it all, Murphy explains the complicated process of bringing the sculpture to life.

Historians John Belchem and Stephen Done transport us back to a time when Liverpool was the second city of empire; a seething mass of commerce and travel; a gateway to the world.

It was into this setting that Houlding was born in 1833 - and our programme charts his rise and rise to prominence; as a brewer, as a politician and as a founding member of two esteemed football clubs.

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