Last month, 12 local men were given the fantastic opportunity to take part in the Liverpool FC Foundation Men’s Health ‘Take A Stand’ comedy confidence course in partnership with Laughterhouse Comedy.

As part of the initiative, which is funded by the Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group, the group were taught by professional comedians to write their own material, develop their stage presence and deliver gags in order to improve communication skills, body language, confidence and self-esteem. 

After just four weeks' training, Paul Walsh, Paul Hughes, Ian Francis, Jamie Sloan, Chris Donovan, Richard Wilkie-Riley and Gavin McLaughlin all performed in a final show in front of an audience of over 115 people at The Slaughterhouse on Thursday October 29 - the ultimate confidence booster! 

The Liverpool FC Foundation Men’s Health programme is dedicated to encouraging men to adopt healthier lifestyle choices that will help in aiming for a healthier and longer life.

The Foundation works with local men to help raise awareness of health issues they may face, offer encouragement and support, and put new skills and knowledge into practice.

Feedback has been immensely positive from the participants, their family members, and the audience. 

Participant Jamie Sloan said: “The course has improved my confidence more than I could believe. I've gained the ability to open up to my peers. The course has helped grow my confidence and self-esteem. A big thank you to the Liverpool FC Foundation!” 

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Check out a gallery of the lads in action below...


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