Broadcast Schedule Release Dates

Please note these are approximate Premier League broadcast schedule release dates and are subject to change.  

Period of matches
Approximate date of announcement
August/September 5th July
October 6th August
November 16th September
December/January 11th October
February 13th December
March 24th January
April 21st February
May (Excluding Match Week 38) 3rd April
Match Week 38 Post Match Week 37

UEFA Europa League Matches

Clubs involved in the UEFA Europa League (Arsenal, Manchester United and Wolverhampton Wanderers) will also have their fixtures after UEFA Europa League matchdays subject to movement.

The Premier League match rounds set to be affected are:

PL match round UEL round before
10th August Third qualifying (1)
17th August Third qualifying (2)
24th August Play-offs (1)
31st August Play-offs (2)
21st September Matchday 1
5th October Matchday 2
26th October Matchday 3
9th November Matchday 4
30th November Matchday 5
14th December Matchday 6
22nd & 29th February Round of 32
14th & 21st March Round of 16
11th & 18th April Quarter-finals
2nd & 9th May Semi-finals


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