Liverpool v Wolves: FA Cup ticket details

TicketsLiverpool v Wolves: FA Cup ticket details



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Liverpool FC has released the following ticket details for the Emirates FA Cup third-round tie with Wolverhampton Wanderers, to be played at Anfield on Saturday January 7 (kick-off 8pm GMT).


  • Adults: £25 - £35
  • Over 65s: £19 - £26
  • Young adults: £10
  • Juniors: £5 (Please note, supporters aged 16 and under attending the game must be accompanied at all times by an adult aged 18 years or over.)
  • Local general sale: £9

Price notes

A full breakdown of the pricing structure can be found here.

Auto Cup Scheme

Season ticket holders and Members enrolled into the Auto Cup Scheme MUST NOT purchase a ticket for this fixture.

Auto Cup Scheme payments will commence on Monday December 5. Go here for further information, including what to do if your payment fails.

Ticket sale notes

Match credits: Tickets purchased during this season’s competition will be used as match credits for ticket sales throughout season 2022-23 and for future seasons.

Season ticket holders and Members: Eligibility criteria for this game is based on FA Cup home games played during season 2019-20.

The below sales will take place online only and supporters are advised that a queuing system may be in place.

The club reserves the right to change any sale to a controlled sale if given advice from the police or other relevant authorities.

First sale: Priority rights holders

Time of sale: From 2pm on Thursday December 8 until 12.30pm on Friday December 9.

First sale status: Guaranteed sale – one ticket per qualifying supporter up to a maximum of four tickets per transaction.

For important stadium access information and eligibility details, please go here.

Second sale: Season ticket holders and Members who recorded Shrewsbury Town (February 4, 2020) AND Everton (January 5, 2020).

Time of sale: From 1pm on Friday December 9.

Second sale status: Not guaranteed sale – one ticket per qualifying supporter up to a maximum of four tickets per transaction.

The number of eligible supporters exceeds the number of tickets available in this sale due to contractual obligations released for sale ahead of the Shrewsbury Town game. Coupled with Shrewsbury Town not taking the full allocation they were entitled to, this allowed more home fans the opportunity to purchase a ticket, which now means we do not have enough tickets to offer all qualifying supporters in this sale.

Tickets currently reserved for contractual obligations for the Wolves game will be released for sale if they are not required.

If tickets remain from the above sale, or tickets are returned from contractual obligations, further sales updates will be published here.

Third sale: Supporters eligible for the local general sale

Supporters must be registered with an ‘L’ postcode by midnight on Monday January 2 to be eligible to purchase tickets during this sale. Register here.

Non-Members purchasing tickets during this sale MUST download a free general admission NFC pass. Go here for further details and to watch a video on how to download your pass.

Time of sale: From 11am on Tuesday January 3.

Third sale status: Not guaranteed – first come, first served; one ticket per qualifying supporter up to a maximum of four tickets per transaction.

Disabled sales: Visit the Accessibility Hub for full sale details.

Hospitality sales: Please call 0151 264 2222 for details, or buy online.

Please note, the ticketing and hospitality and supporter services opening and closing times over Christmas and New Year can be found here.

Stadium access


The club will continue to use NFC (Near Field Communication) technology for stadium entry.

For those supporters who have not yet downloaded their NFC pass onto their phone, please go here for the step-by-step guides for both Android (Google) and iPhone (Apple) mobile phones.


Free general admission NFC passes are required for stadium access for any non-season ticket holders and non-Members. Go here for further details and to watch a video on how to download your pass.

We strongly advise supporters to download their NFC pass onto their phone as soon as possible and this should be done at least 24 hours before travelling to Anfield.

To help speed up the flow of supporters through the turnstiles, please arrive early and have your phone ready and unlocked with your ticket displayed on your screen.

Ticket forwarding

As announced here, ticket forwarding is available for all tickets with the exception of tickets purchased during the local general sale.

For season 2022-23 the match credit for tickets forwarded to Friends and Family members for home cup matches will remain with the owner/purchaser of the ticket. The match credit will not be transferred to the Friend/Family member attending the match.

Further details of the ticket forwarding option can be found here and FAQs can be found here.

Rail seating

Seats issued within lower Anfield Road and the Kop at Anfield are rail seating, which allows supporters to stand safely at key moments during the game, like goal celebrations, but must revert to a seat at other times.

If a supporter’s preference is to sit down, we strongly advise that you buy your ticket in another area, subject to availability.

Supporters attending matches are reminded that Anfield is still an all-seater stadium and should remain seated when possible.

No-bag policy

Bags are NOT permitted in the stadium and there are no bag storage facilities available. Small bags carrying hygiene products and/or medicines or club shop bags carrying purchases from the retail store are the only exception. Those bags permitted will be subjected to a bag search on entry point.

Cashless stadium

We are a cashless stadium – contactless and/or chip and pin payments are required in all areas.


LFC is supporting strong measures across football to tackle antisocial and criminal behaviours within football grounds – including entering the pitch without permission and carrying or using smoke bombs or pyros. These are illegal, dangerous and have serious consequences. They have no place in our game. Anyone involved in these activities will be banned by the club and reported to the police. Love Football. Protect the Game.



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