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FoundationChampion of the Month: March 2023

LFC Foundation March Champion of the Month
Oliver McOwat is crowned Champion of the Month for March 2023


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Congratulations to Oliver McOwat who is our March Champion of the Month!

Oliver McOwat was nominated by our Health Coordinator, Nicola Regan, for his great ambition and wonderful personality during the MOVE programme.

Oliver was referred to the MOVE programme in August 2021 however initially didn’t take part in the physical activity sessions.

Oliver has Cystic Fibrosis (CF) so physical activity plays a key role in helping to manage his condition and his Physiotherapist at Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust were proactive in continuing to speak about how beneficial the programme and the sessions could be whenever he came to the clinic. Nicola spoke to Oliver's mum again in November 2022 and encouraged them to try a session and see how he found it.

He has now taken part in 7 sessions on a 1-1 basis and is thriving and enjoying them. Since starting the programme he's also joined a martial arts club close to his home, been walking to and from school more often to increase his activity and also put his name forward for the school football team. All of these activities are beneficial in helping to manage his health condition as well as giving him a positive mentality towards physical activity.

Nicola said:

Exercise is particularly important for people with CF because it can help clear mucus from the lungs, improve physical bulk and strength and help improve overall health. We focus on cardio and strength based exercises and incorporate some exercises that are related to his outside clubs such as karate. Oliver and his mum have told me that he really enjoys the sessions and his physios at Alder Hey are really pleased with the activity he is doing with the MOVE programme but also that he has also decided to join clubs throughout the week which are all beneficial for both his physical and mental health.’

‘Oliver has 5 more sessions left before he finishes on the MOVE programme but it's clear that he is now enjoying being physically active and will continue to take part in exercises outside of the programme which is one of our main aims for children with health conditions to take part in regular physical activity.’

Oliver’s Mum said:

‘It has been fantastic to have Oliver taking part in these sessions. He was reluctant at first as he was a bit shy online, but now loves them and looks forward to them every week.

He agreed that it’s like having his own personal trainer and he is really lucky. It has really encouraged him to take part in other activities in the week and his general levels of fitness have improved, which is great for his medical condition. He loves that it is part of a famous football team and has the opportunity to get tickets to go the ground, and he shows off to his friends and feels very special. He was absolutely delighted to be chosen as Champion of the Month and it has boosted his confidence. Thank you!’

Adam Walsh, Physiotherapist in Cystic Fibrosis at Alder Hey said,

‘For a long time, we’d struggled as a team to help Oliver see the importance of physical activity and exercise in his care. Since getting involved with Nicola and the Foundation, they’ve had a massive positive impact on this.’

Nicola used 1:1 virtual classes to build his confidence and gradually increase his activity levels to the point where he’s now looking to take activity beyond their sessions and into his weekly routine. It continues to be a really important part of his management to ensure Oliver is well for years to come and we hope he continues to build on the progress he’s made with Nic and the MOVE project.’

The MOVE programme in partnership between LFC Foundation and Alder Hey Children’s Hospital aims to use the power of football and the LFC badge to appeal to young people with cystic fibrosis (CF), asthma and other endocrine disorders, encouraging them to take part in physical activity, not only to improve their quality of life, but to empower them to stay active throughout their lives and better manage their conditions.

Well done Oliver!

For more information on our MOVE programme, click here



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