The Move exercise referral programme is a partnership between LFC Foundation & Alder Hey Children’s Hospital and is funded by the PLPFA.

The programme supports children living with respiratory conditions, to improve their lung function and remove the barriers associated with exercise and breathlessness. The programme also supports overweight children who attend the endocrine clinic and suffer from complex issues.

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MOVE Programme

Originally launched in 2018 as a pilot project, the MOVE programme uses the power of football and the LFC badge to appeal to young Cystic Fibrosis (CF), Asthma and Endocrine patients.

It encourages them to partake in physical activity, not only to improve their quality of life, but critically to help increase their life expectancy.  

Patients enrolled on the MOVE programme are referred directly by Alder Hey and take part in fun multi-sports sessions with LFC Foundation coaches after their scheduled check-ups with a team of specialists.

The coaches also encourage patients to get involved in other physical activity sessions outside of hospital and provide information on a variety of sports activities taking place in their local community, delivered by the LFC Foundation and other community organisations.

This year to date, the LFC Foundation has worked with over 80 young patients in person, provided tailored one to one sessions, and delivered over 50 virtual sessions for patents and their families to access remotely at home. It is now expanding its MOVE programme, which is funded by the LFC Foundation, Alder Hey and the Premier League Professional Footballers' Association to reach and support more young people and their families in the local community.