FoundationSport Works

Sport Works is a Premier League funded programme that has utilised the Government Kickstart scheme for the last 2 years.

The programme is aimed towards 16 – 25 year-olds and has been successful in placing young people into different job roles across LFC, LFC Foundation and Regenda.

It consists of 6 days of sport and employability activities including a level 2 sport leaders ‘in the community qualification. Once qualified the Sports Leader will be able to lead with indirect supervision and will be responsible for maintaining the safety of a session.

Participants will develop soft skills such as communication, decision making, teamwork and self-management and increase knowledge about how to apply these to future employment.

There will be an opportunity to meet several individuals who are in job roles in the sport sector and to hear about their individual pathways.

Upon completion of the program participants will be able to have a level 2 or the equivalent of up to £350 paid for.

We currently have a 69% success rate in moving participants into full time roles upon course completion. An average rating of 9.29.