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FoundationOLSC Myanmar wins LFC Foundation This Means More Challenge 2023



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For 2023, the LFC Foundation collaborated with club partner SC Johnson to provide a new version of This Means More Challenge, ‘Waste-Free Reds’.

This Means More: Waste-Free Reds uses the power and passion of OLSCs around the World to come together and make a difference in their local community; OLSC Myanmar did just that!

This year’s challenge was broken down into four subsections: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle & Wildcard, encompassing SC Johnson’s motto for a more sustainable future.

1st Place: OLSC Myanmar

The OLSC based out of Yangon really went the extra-mile this year! From educating children at the Sonne Social Organisation (SSO) around environmental awareness to providing food vendors with more sustainable packaging, OLSC Myanmar really conveyed SC Johnson’s values. However, these examples only scratch the surface. Further activities carried out include swapping LFC shirts instead of purchasing new products, reusing plastic bottle usage, bringing own containers for food/drink and walking/cycling short distances instead of driving.

"We are extremely proud of ourselves to win the This Means More: Waste Free Reds Challenge. It’s always a pleasure to be part of LFC Foundation challenge and we feel proud to be a part of LFC family, giving our best every year. Knowing that other OLSCs around the world are taking part in this challenge at the same time makes it even more special. As an OLSC, we bond through these challenges. It is such a great feeling to represent our club and do good in the community. We are very grateful for the opportunity and for being crowned winners"

Well done OLSC Myanmar, we’re so proud of you!

2nd Place: OLSC Kolhapur, OLSC Madrid

One thing that is for certain… awarding 2nd & 3rd place was no easy task. Due to this, we’re delighted to announce OLSC Kolhapur and OLSC Madrid as joint 2nd place! Both OLSCs really left a mark in their communities. Members of Kolhapur collected and donated plastic for recycling, donated 30 metal bottles to an orphanage to reduce single-use plastics and even donated compost so they could teach the children how to make their own organics fertilizer. By reducing their meat consumption and food waste, Madrid also conveyed the importance of SC Johnson’s values. Additionally, members ensured they would only purchase food with sustainable packaging, alongside making sure all rubbish was recycled correctly.

3rd Place: OLSC Cyprus, OLSC Japan

In joint third place we have OLSC Cyprus and OLSC Japan. Cyprus donated recycling bins to a disabled charity that they regularly support, cleared out a local green space in Larnaca and even donated clothes and food to victims of the Syria-Türkiye earthquake. Japan on the other hand took upcycling to the next level! Members turned old kit and banners into bags, alongside turning old LFC merchandise into cushions. An incredibly innovative submission!

We at the LFC Foundation and SC Johnson would love to thank every OLSC that got involved with this year’s challenge and really made a difference in their community.

Although OLSC Myanmar unfortunately could not make the trip to the LFC vs Nottingham Forest fixture, it was a pleasure to host representatives of both Madrid and Kolhapur.

It is OLSCs like yourselves that really envision what it means to be part of Liverpool Football Club, the World’s Greatest Football Family.






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