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FoundationLFC Foundation Showcases its impact at Westminster

LFC Foundation Showcases its impact at Westminster
Published 22nd February 2023

As part of its 20-year celebrations, LFC Foundation hosted its first ever event at the House of Commons earlier this week to showcase its growth and impact.

MP Alison McGovern kindly sponsored the event on behalf of LFC Foundation, which saw almost 40 MP’s and Lords in attendance to hear more about LFC Foundation’s recent social impact results.

LFC Foundation’s chief executive, Matt Parish chaired a panel discussion with LFC Ambassador John Barnes, LFC Foundation’s Insights and Impact Department Manager Dr Paula Carroll and Youth Interventions Department Manager Francis Hargreaves and Merseyside Police Detective superintendent, Andrew O’Connor.

LFC CEO Billy Hogan was also in attendance to lend his support as a passionate advocate of LFC Foundation having held the role of the charity’s board of trustees’ vice chair since 2014.

The panel discussed how LFC Foundation’s work and that of other club community organisations is more important than ever and how they have the inspiring ability to bring communities together. LFC Foundation’s 21/22 social impact report revealed just that demonstrating that in the last 12 months alone it, alongside the Club’s Red Neighbours community programme, has supported over 83,000 people, directly delivered £8m into the local economy and contributed nearly £25 million in health benefits.

It has overseen more than 348,000 hours of programme activity - up from 66,000 the previous year – and now has an overall annual social value of £80m, which means that for every £1 spent the LFC Foundation creates a social return of £16.

Matt Parish, chief executive, LFC Foundation, said: “This event marks a first for us and is an important step in our continued growth and success. We wanted to demonstrate LFC Foundation’s impact over the last 12 months to this influential stakeholder group to ensure they have the knowledge of what we can do and build beneficial relationships that will support our ongoing development.”

Published 22nd February 2023