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FoundationLFC Foundation Celebrates National Apprenticeship Week 2023

Apprenticeship week
Published 22nd February 2023

From the 6th – 12th February, the LFC Foundation are supporting National Apprenticeship Week and its theme of ‘skills for life.’

The Foundation has an ever-growing employability and training provision, with opportunities to be a part of the LFC family and gain paramount skills and training qualifications for the world of work.

One of these provisions is our Youth Works programme, in collaboration with Liverpool City Council.

Youth Works is a 2.5-year programme aimed at building the next generation of youth provision in the city.

Through a combination of high-quality placements, extensive training and apprenticeship, participants will complete each programme as a fully qualified youth worker.

We currently have 3 apprentices in youth centres across Liverpool One of our apprentices is Emma, who is currently completing her apprenticeships in Netherton Park Youth and Community Centre.

Emma is currently completing her apprenticeship in Netherton Park Youth and Community Centre.

What’s the best thing about being a part of the Youth Works programme?

'Through my experience on the Youth Works programme, I have received opportunities to grow my skills of delivering youth work and provide support to communities and young people, contributing to my personal development and confidence of being a Youth Worker.

Being on the Youth Works programme, I have promoted youth empowerment and encouraged Youth voice to utilise young people’s views on the world, positively impacting my youth work delivery and experiences provided in Netherton Park Youth and Community Centre.

What is the biggest takeaway from working with young people and being in an apprenticeship?

‘Working with young people has created proud moments from my work, through providing fun opportunities young people can make happy memories with and seeing the growth in their development, through building positive relationships and providing confidence with their experiences in their local youth centre.

 Being an apprentice on the Youth Works programme has increased my passion of wanting a career in youth work, by having opportunities to make a positive difference to communities, young people’s lives, and access free training. I have gained new skills through my learning, contributing to my ability of effective youth work delivery.’

Rachael is currently completing her apprentice at Speke Venny Youth Centre.

‘The best thing about being part of the youth works programme is being able to make a difference to the lives of young people, encouraging them to believe in themselves and help build their confidence. I enjoy building relationships with young people by being able to relate to their experiences, as I was their age a few years ago, so I can understand their point of view.’

‘The young people look up to me as they’ve seen me grow from a volunteer to a full-time staff ‘member. I endeavour to be a positive role model in their community.’

My biggest take away from working with young people is being approachable, open and friendly to create an inclusive environment. I think being approachable is important for building relationships as it encourages young people to use their voice for creating positive and lasting change.’

‘I enjoy being in an apprenticeship, getting to learn the theory side of youth work then I can recognise and implement it in my practice.’

Reece is currently completing his apprenticeship at Positive Futures.

‘It would be easy for me to answer what I take away from working with young people but essentially youth work and working with young people is about educating (both formally and informally) the next generation and inspiring them to pursue their dreams and raise their aspirations.’

‘I hope young people see that I, because of being involved in the youth works apprenticeship programme am using this as a platform to build the foundations to pursue a long and fulfilling career.’

As the theme of this year is ‘skills for life,’ we asked our Youth Provision Manager Helen some questions about the Youth Works programme.

‘What skills both professional and personal does our Youth Works programme offer young people when looking to start a career in youth social work?’

‘The Youth Work programme enables participants to develop a vast number of skills both personally and professionally. Through their 25-hour placements at local community organisations, the participants have developed strong working practices and necessary skills to thrive in the workplace which in turn, has greatly improved their prospects of employment following their apprenticeship. Furthermore, they have developed specialised skills in creating and delivering high-quality youth programmes. They have developed a deeper understanding of their community and now can identify the need to deliver issue-based topics. The participants have developed strong communication skills as they work closely with young people and families, and other professionals within the community.

Now we are 12 months into the apprenticeship programme, you can see that each participant's confidence has increased, and they are becoming approachable, flexible, and caring youth support workers.

For more information on the Youth Works programme, please email

Published 22nd February 2023