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FoundationChampion of the Month: May 2023

May 2023 Champion of the Month


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Callum Cain is crowned LFC Foundation COTM for May 2023

Callum was nominated by Paul Wright, Kicks Targeted Coordinator, for his great commitment and wonderful personality during the Kicks Targeted programme.

Paul said,

From the first session, Callum was very respectful and demonstrated that he was trying hard to turn things around. A rapport between Callum and myself, was built quite quickly, and this has played a massive part in Callum’s openness and his engagement.

When the referral for Callum to join the Kicks Targeted programme was first initiated, I became aware of a lot of the issues and challenges that Callum has had to deal with, in particularly the loss of both parents. Understandably, there have been times when Callum could have dealt with situations in a better way, but it was clear now that he wanted to make positive changes in his behaviour.

All the above has been a massive challenge for Callum and I have been assured from one of his teachers, of the positive impact our sessions are having on Callum.

Over several sessions we have spoken about addressing problems, rather than stewing on them and allowing them to potentially escalate. Callum has recently demonstrated this when we last met. He had made Lauren aware that he was feeling angry, although not giving a reason as to why. When Lauren met me at the school reception and escorted me to my meeting with Callum, she told me of Callum’s current emotions, although she was not aware as to what the issue behind this was.

Given my knowledge of Callum’s feelings, I asked what it was what was making him feel this way. Callum told me that the anniversary of his dad’s death was just a few days away. Without the positive rapport me, and Callum have, it is highly unlikely that he would have shared this, and potentially could have gone on to behave in an unacceptable manner. This has demonstrated Callum is conscious of his past negative behaviours, and that he is trying to make positive steps in the right direction.”

“Through Callum's engagement with me, he has realised that by discussing his negative behaviours, he can assess things and see that he could have dealt with things in a better way. Callum does openly speak about the wrong choices/decisions, and this certainly does allow him to see better ways of dealing with situations that he finds difficult and frustrating. I think the fact that Callum told me why he was feeling angry (anniversary of his dad’s death) demonstrates him wanting to be a better person and move forward in a positive way, as he realises this will benefit him and others.

The Kicks Targeted programme aims to engage young people that are struggling in many ways and get them to address their negative behaviours. Although quite often I may not always see the positive impact the programme is having, I know that without the intervention I am providing, life for Callum could be so much worse.

Due to Callum's engagement on the Kicks Targeted programme, he has learnt many ways in which he can look at situations and deal with them in a positive manner. Callum knows right from wrong but has struggled in the past to make the right choice and instead behaved in an unacceptable manner. Callum is now engaging in his school work and looks forward to a positive future.

Quote from Callum:

Since I started working with Paul, I have seen that by conducting myself in the right way, I can change for the better.

After building up a rapport with Paul, I feel that I can talk openly to him, which helps me when something could be bothering me, this is all because I feel relaxed and at ease in our sessions.

I think that my confidence has grown, and I do believe that I can achieve my goals. The conversations that I have had with Paul, has helped me be more open, which is a positive thing for me.

Paul’s encouragement has played a massive part in helping me succeed in school and think about my future and the opportunities ahead.

Quote from his teacher, Mrs Jones

Working with Paul has proved to be very beneficial to Callum. He has quickly built up a trusting relationship and is always happy to attend the meetings.

Callum has often struggled to self-regulate his emotions, however since starting his sessions we have noticed a significant improvement in Callum’s behaviour, and he recognises that if he is feeling upset or angry, he can talk through his feelings.

This clearly shows that Callum’s engagement with Paul is positive and beneficial, helping Callum to address things in an acceptable manner.

Quote from Headteacher, Mr Symes.

You can see the impact working with Paul and the LFC Foundation has had on Callum. He looked so proud of himself when Paul told me he had been nominated.

Callum has had a lot of challenges in his life and this programme has really helped him believe in himself, it’s given his self-esteem a boost and he has developed a strong rapport with Paul based on trust and openness. I’m so proud of him.

Quote from Social Worker (John Sprung-Murphy)

Callum is a deserving recipient of the ‘Champion of the month’ award with the LFC foundation and we were just as thrilled for Callum receiving such fantastic recognition.

Callum has engaged with all professionals and family throughout the support process and time working together, and ‘taken the bull by the horns’ and established a way to cope with his thoughts and feelings in a productive and positive way.

Callum has been the pioneer for positive change, and the work often led by his proactive and determined nature. It has been a pleasure and a privilege working with such an inspirational young man, and I hope the successes of Callum can be replicated by others, as a role model for others his age.

Not only has Callum’s attentiveness to professionals’ guidance and advice been clearly noticed, but the professionals working around Callum have done so in a multi-agency way with consistent and clear communication, whereby the voice of Callum has resonated through any direct work and interventions put into place.

A huge congratulations and well done to Callum. He should be so proud of himself, as everyone around him have seen how fantastic he has done.



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