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Creative Works is an employability programme funded by the Japanese publishing firm and Club partner, Kodansha.

The programme has been delivered across a period of 6 workshops, in which the young people explored their creativity, developed an understanding of the pathways to a range of creative careers and worked on soft skills such as communication, teamwork and decision making. Creative Works has provided an opportunity for these young people to engage and feel part of a group where they can feel comfortable asking questions on a topic of their interest.

Calderstones Sixth form and careers lead suggested that “The majority of the group are high achievers but lacking in confidence. They struggle to engage within lessons”

The aim of this programme is “To inspire and engage with young people, helping to develop their employability skills that feed into creative careers”

If you are a local creative organisation that would like to support young people with work experience, career talks or workplace visits please contact us using the button below.

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Creative Works
Creative Works is funded by our club partner Kodansha
Creative Works is funded by our club partner Kodansha