Mona Nemmer - Head of Nutrition

First Name: Mona

Surname: Nemmer

Job Title: Head of Nutrition

Joined: 2016


Mona Nemmer was appointed Liverpool’s head of nutrition when she joined the club from Bayern Munich in July 2016.

She arrived on the back of three years at Bayern, where she worked in the same position after being recruited shortly after Pep Guardiola took over at the Allianz Arena.

Mona moved to Bayern after serving as a chef and nutritionist for the Germany U21 national team for four years, being also responsible for all the youth sides since 2009.

It was while studying nutrition that she realised the subject comprised of both practical and theoretical components.

She says: “I am not a classic nutritionist, like most people would think. My big thing is to compare the theoretical side – the science - and the practical side.

“That means here at Melwood I take care of the chefs, the projects, what quality of product we are buying, which components can we put on the menus depending on whether it is matchday minus one, matchday or what can be served on the bus after a game. Then it’s about when will it be eaten and what will be the last meal before a match.

“There is also the work on body composition, classic consultation, nutrition for diets, supplementation… but I always try to get across the connection to the practical part in the sense of how you can prepare your meal in another way, or where you can find products.”

Part of Nemmer’s role encompasses one-on-one consultations with players – and even offering cooking lessons to ensure they’re nourished to the highest standard away from the training complex.

She says: “We are in a team sport and we have to take care to serve the team really well, but we’re in a lucky situation where we have the time and man power to have individual consultations.

“Some players like to cook for themselves, some like to take away a packed bag with food in, but here we like to react individually. If the player wants a cooking lesson, or their wives or girlfriends do, we are free in the sense to help them with whatever they need.”

She continues: “The topic is still so young. There is a lot of research on it, so we’re still working on it to develop every single day!

“Football is difficult sport because on the one hand it is about endurance, but on the other it is strength, so I always try to update my knowledge and be connected with the universities to be at the latest level.”

With three years at Bayern on her CV, Nemmer is now looking forward to the challenge of Liverpool and English football – but she’s already feeling at home in her new surroundings.

“Liverpool have a great manager, history and team,” she says. “It is a great challenge for me to support a club that has so much tradition, so that made it interesting for me to come to Liverpool.

“To get a chance like this is incredible. When I came in here for the first time, I fell in love with the city. The people are lovely and everyone is friendly and caring. It has a special atmosphere that makes you feel welcome and at home.”